Friday, 29 October 2010

You never say, 'hey' or remember my name...

and it's probably cuz you think you're cooler than me...

I've heard that song in a million and one shops and I reeeeeeeaaaaally like it at the mo :P I downloaded it last night and i've listened to it so many times xD i'm gonna get sick of it, ain't i?
It's Cooler Than Me by Mike Posner.


omgosh, i have got to stop drinking lipton ice tea...there's sooooo much fecking sugar in it!! there are 34.6grams in does that much even dissolve in 500ml?!?!?! jayze.

my tattoo's gone :( i knew it might not last forever but i had hurt loads and it took ages to do so there's no way i can be bothered to try it again...i shall wait til i'm 18 and get it done properly methinks..

I URGE you to write a mission statement. I've told Tommy and Jamie about this and i just thought that it would be a right laugh to compare them someday when we're old and grey...welll maybe not old and's about 30?!? :P

omgosh, Sean, the assistant manager at the café has been working there for as long as i've been alive :O oh my.

hm...oooh: today i had a cookie, a toffee crisp bar *omgosh-amazing!!* and a monte carlo wrap *that's peppers, onion, mozzerella cheese, mushrooms and sweetcorn-but i had mine without sweetcorn...i only like corn when it's on the cob...or popped...* and apple juice and an ice tea.

i don't know why i feel the need to tell you this...but i like you to know what i've eaten...i guess i'm just generous *halo glow*

my new bag for school ROCKS!! did i tel you that its front pocket has a key?!?! i just think that that is the coolest thing EVER!!! i like keys. some eejit left their car keys at the café today...oop. and two rather foolish ladies left their scarves behind. tut tut.

i wanna watch a movie. i feel like chilling. I need to wash my hair actually...i got work again tomorrow...QUIFF


Peace and love


  1. And what would you hide in the locked up front pocket?

  2. I've put my mission statement in there :P I'm going to keep it with me at all in case i die...that way people will know how i felt about life...

    ha..'in case i die' it's not an inevitability...just one of those unfortunate things that happen from time to time...