Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Saturday was my best birthday yet and one of the best of my life...

I met a very cute boy named Greg and we held hands and hugged and I was going to ask for his number but then he started smoking *gross* and totally went and ruined everything :S
I had such a laugh that day, it was epic. I got some really lovely presents, i think that the funniest was a self help book called "life support" by Derek Draper. It's actually a very good, calming book, it's just a peculiar gift from your folks. i got so much chocolate that I shall do naught but tilt around (much like a weeble *weebles wobble but they don't fall down*) come christmas. There are...93 days left in this year...can anyone remember what their resolutions were last new year? Mine were to complain less and do things when I planned to. I reckon i've done fairly well. asides from a few points of pessimism my optimism hath shined forth; a beacon of hope and good fortune through the dull, grey-cloud-clad sky.
if you're in need of something to read, i've by chance stumbled upon a very lovely little story on
mundooteh.blogspot.com I do give great recommendation indeed for such a site. If you check it out, I shall love you forever. If not, then I'll only love you a little while.

Did you hear about the poor girl who died after receiving the HPV jab? Naturally, all of the girls who planned on getting it come october 16th are now pretty nervous. I'm one of these girls. However, if i don't die from it now then I could still just as easily die from cervical cancer later since there's a history of it in my family. And, with any kind of vaccination type thingy, there will always be some people who have adverse reactions. This is one girl out of...30000000? Right now, I just hope that that girl's family will be ok. if they have a god then i hope he helps them through this awful time.

I'm so knackered. I had an odd dream in which I was crawling through some kind of labrynth in school to get into the common room. looked nothing like the school i know but in my dream it all felt so familiar. anyways, i'm soooo tired but i have to write a history essay.

Oh joy. Oh rapture.

Peace and love

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Pleasantville, Dinsaur Hugs,The Used and getting really rather startled at lunchtime

..gosh it has been a long time, hasn't it??


The other night, I watched a film with my family called Pleasantville. It was made in 1998 so I'm surprised I'd never seen it before. It starred Reese Witherspoon and Toby Maguire *as seen in Legally Blonde and Spiderman; respectively* They played a brother and sister who argue over the television channel and end up breaking the remote *oops* they're given a replacement remote with magic powers *oooooooooh*. When they press the red button on the remote they are transported into a 50's drama series called Pleasantville. In Pleasantville they take on the roles of Mary-Sue and Budd. Pleasantville is very...pleasant. Nothing ever goes wrong, nothing can burn, the books are blank, nothing exists outside of pleasantville. They don't live in colour and they've never heard of sex. When Mary-Sue starts dating the captain of the basketball team, she decides to have sex with him and this corrupts the innocence of their quaint little town. Colour begins to spread *ERLACH!* anyways, things go wrong but are eventually made right again. It has a crap start but stick with it because it really is a laugh.

OMGosh, I went to my first ever gig last night!!! Elin and I went to the Electric Ballroom in Camden Town, London and we saw The Used. I'm not uber into them but it was so much fun!! There were two support groups, The Hexes and We Are The Ocean. The second support group were great but the first were...loud...and...shouty.
The underground was horrid. 'twas my first time. It was really hot and stuffy and eerily lit *if you've seen Creep, you'd be wary of trains too* and noisey and rattling around!!! I almost fell over :(

"Hey, you know how dinosaurs were so angry?"
"...uh, yeah, i guess..."
"Well, I just realised why..."
"Oh yeah?"
"Their arms were too short to hug each other"


Elin had to go and tell me that in science and make me laugh out loud. HA. i literally lol-ed!!

Lunchtime was odd, ben and richard were bugging me by clapping in my face and then they started following me, clapping behind me and then EVERYONE save no one began clapping too. I was so embarrassed and shocked and I startled *love that word right now*
ooooh, eloise and fei-fei gave me b'day prezzie's for saturday and i haven't opened them yet but THANK YOU!!
oooooooh and rachel finally fulfilled a promise she made to me FOUR YEARS ago!!! she played violin for me :) she played Happy Birthday :) what an awesome present.

Elin wasn't in today but it's not so much of a surprise, we got back late last night and she texted to say that she couldn't get to sleep :S still worth it though.

Don't stop dreaming. Dreams can still come true. Never stop believing.

*sigh* that felt sooooo good to write!! I hate not writing here :(

oooh, aerobics and animal making in drama was a laugh :)

woop woop The Wizard of Oz tonight at Hattie's!! Gotta love the classics :D

Peace and love

Friday, 18 September 2009

sorry i've not written on here in while

ups and downs and lefts and rights and wrongs have led me to take a little break from spilling my emotional guts across this cyber page. yeah, i'm ok; just hormonal. and man does it grate me. maybe i have a period to look forward to. great.

Peace and love

Monday, 14 September 2009

telescopic mascara my arse

Nobody noticed my lovely new mascara so it can't be that great. HUFF.

My hands are worn raw from the rowing in PE...2000m all on my lonesome and it only burnt about 100 calories...not worth it HUFF

still, i'm in a good mood :)

Peace and love

Sunday, 13 September 2009


I had a really rather frightful dream last night...all the world's adults were out to claim revenge upon us young ones.

oh lawdy.

someone put flaming meatballs on my duvet so i had to cut them off with a knife and then jump out of bed before the sauce caught fire. I made it just in time.
Then I needed to get out of the house, I desperately had to get out so I put a jumper over my nightdress, packed a bag and put on the first pair of shoes i could find...my red ones.
I wandered around for quite a long time and i think i remember running from some people and I vaguely remember some evil guys and girls on top of a moutain on a tropical island making explosive stuff.
My memory of this dream is pretty patchy but it was just so odd that I had to share it.

The other night, I ended up going on a road trip with someone and their family but then i lost them and ended up in some kind of park but it was covered in ice. everywhere, there was thick, thick ice and the grass was frosted and we took about a million pictures. and their were sculptures everywhere.
I remember something about a helicopter but not much. I remember being told to sit behind some people in the campervan thingy. what on earth could my psyche be telling me??

Peace and love
p.s i've had a bruise on my leg for over 2 months now...is that normal?! it's faded but still...

Saturday, 12 September 2009


Orchids are my very favourite type of flower and they're very pretty so if ever I have a little baby girl, I was considering calling her Orchid. However, on QI last night, Stephen Fry mentioned something about Orchid coming from some Ancient Greek word meaning testicle. I am not naming my daughter Testicle! Perhaps a more conventional name? I've always liked the names Rebecca and Violet...and i like violets :)

Peace and love

p.s any ideas as to why i feel sick every morning? anyone says i'm pregnant and Death shall be informed as to where you live...you'll get visit from him at some point in the next week.
p.p.s i want to be so famous that my birthday is commemorated on the google sign xD

Monday, 7 September 2009

Bad news...or good depending on your perception

You all know how i love to vent as i do so frequently on this dear blog here but as ive now gone and returned to school and all that jazz I fear that I shall not really have the time for such gayeties for all that much longer and so my blog posts may become more sparse and few and far between and I know that you shal be suffering from withdrawal symptoms and wotnot but you shall cope for YOU HAVE THE POWER and guess what im in love awwwwwwww bless but it sucks i really wish i wasnt.

i love my commas, that was hard.

Peace and love

Saturday, 5 September 2009

back to life, back to some kind of reality...

Hallooooooooooooooooo there!!
ooooooooooh ja ja baby!
I did my science Homework on the day of yester and began some of the drama work...still haven't got a clue whether or not i'll pull it off with elin, we're not sure of what to do with our sketch :S
as always, ignore half of everything i say, so discard my previous post and take my word and believe when i say i'm doing mighty fine...well, alright i guess. things could be better bu then again, they could also be worse so i'm not complaining. well, i kind of was...but not really...
i just wish i understood is all. i'll tell you all someday...maybe once i'm more mature...


still wish that rob and will would do the 118 118 thingy for my birthday but i don't even know whether they'll be coming to town with me on that saturday so...hmmm. :(

ah well. not gonna think about it.
i'm a woman, it's my job to deal with it.
chin up duckie 'n' all that jazz.

why were you busy?? i really wanted to talk and you weren't there. dang my timing sucks.

Peace and love

Friday, 4 September 2009

Drama and all that is holy

Harvey stopped me from going mad in drama...I get so anxious about the tiniest things and I was so worried about doing a little sketch in drama 5th period that i actually felt quite sick
anyway, it was actually a laugh! :)
i don't know what to say about triple science...I want to cry, i'm never going to keep up with it all. and two people are going to be moved down from top set science so i'm terrified.
Amber's joined our school, she seems sweet:

You can tell that I've got crud on my mind, can't you, eh?? this whole post isn't exactly flowing is it?
urgh, i'm dizzy.

Why do you care about any of this? what the heck makes this matter to you? you said it yourself that you weren't feeling it?
oh ffs just shut up will you?

...i need sleep...and a hug...i'm fecking hormonal. that's all it's gotta be, right? well, it's not like it can be much else...tummy-bug at most. your immune system's fine, fairly resilient actually so it's not like you've gone and got the swine flu from being coughed on...though that was vulgar, why is it that no one covers their mouths properly any more...vile. and what about manners...i know i'm not the best for swearing but some people drive me crazy with all their casual swearing, it's horrid. ah well. one girl can't change the world...she can't even change herself...what a joke. tragic. oh yeah, tragedy, where should i start with that? do i need to include examples or what? or what? i hate that phrase...then why did you right it? shut up. you silly old cow.
3 weeks and 1 day til my birthday though i won't get what i really want...maybe that's because i haven't asked but if i did i'd get laughed at most likely...what a pity and all that which sucks and blows.
i want rob and will to dress as the 118 118 blokes...that's what i want for my birthday. but they'll never do it so i'll never ask. oh SHUT UP. just stop talking already, don't you say enough crap?

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Greetings glorious and beautiful ladies and gentlemen of our wonderful home planet Earth

I'm in a rather a good mood, can you tell?
I'm now a married woman. Elin and I were wed at lunch...it was chaotic and shambolic and absolutely hilarious!!
...we have yet to consummate the marriage...
Is it wrong that even at my age I get really excited about my birthday?!
OOOOOoooooooooooooh and i'm going to a concert with Caroline *back from China YAY* and Elin *Wifey dearest...i was the groom...* on the 23rd!!!

Gosh, I'm in such a good mood, earlier on today, my jaw actually ached a little from all of the smiling!!
It's heartbreaking that I shan't be able to partake in the drama of my house *TUDOR* :'( It's the thing that I really look forward to at the beginning of the year and now it shall not be.
I'm probably gonna help backstage or something, I love the vibe xD but alas, NOTHING FILLS THE VOID, woe is me and such 'n' such. *and all that jazz!*

I thought today would be a little waring, however, I gloriously found that 'tis brillig *and the slithey toathes did gyre and gimble in the wabe, all mimsy were the borogroves and moamwrathes outgabe* LOVE IT!

There are a few films in the cinema which I'm desperate to see:
Funny People
Dorian Grey
(500) Days of Sun
...and something else which I can't remember the name of now


Peace and love

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

There are a few things in life which force you to grow up. Martin made me grow up.

He stopped breathing.
At night.
We had bunk beds, he had the bottom bunk and i awoke because it was shaking.
He was dribbling and jerking and his skin was tinged blue.
I jumped down the ladder and ran into my parents room, "Martin's having a fit. Mum, Dad, he's having a fit!" I yelled so loudly.
He threw up.
The paramedics finally arrived. finally.
Andrew was recording it all on our ancient camcorder. The doctors wanted to see his actions.
They wrapped him up in a blanket and he looked so tiny.
He must have been about 6 at the time but he looked like a toddler, all clad in cotton.
Mum went in the ambulance.
Dad drove Ange and me, following in the car.
It was foggy and cold that night. Pitch black. Near enough the only thing we could see with our headlights on full-beam was the flashing blue ambulance light. They only use that when it's really serious.
I can't stand blue lights.
And the siren, God, I can't stand that sound.
When we arrived, I can't remember a lot of what happened.
I just remember thinking, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for the horrible things I've said and done to you Martin." I always loved him but he was my little brother. I was a big sister. I was a big bitch.

He hasn't had another major epileptic fit in about three years now but he's far from well. He'll never be able to drive because of his eyesight, which is horrible because he loves cars. And he can never drink alcohol because it wouldn't exactly react well with his medication. It's not such a bad thing that he can't drink alcohol but it means that he won't be able to socialise like the others when he gets to that age. God I hate to say it but, if he does. They always said that he would progressively get worse. But the medicine's getting better, doesn't that change anything? Not really. I guess that all I can do at the moment is thank whatever's out there- whether it's God or Allah or a higher being or a spiritual force...or just good luck I don't know- but I have to just thank it for the 13 years which I've had with him. He still drives me crazy sometimes but I wouldn't have him any other way. I love him.
So, I look after him in school and though I don't always love that kind of responsibility, he's family and I'll do anything for family because I love them.

That's why money is so insignificant when compared with love. I wouldn't do anything for just some money but for love? I'd do everything I could.

Life is such a precious and fragile thing, make sure it's not wasted. Laugh, smile, love and rejoice whilst you still can.

Peace and love

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


My foresight is really rather lacking.
I've gone and organised a venture townwards and forgot that today was the farmers' market. Ist tuesday of every month and sure enough the highstreet is too packed to move in :O It's so busy, I have ney got a clue what we'll end up doing :S


I may or may not write more later...depends :S

Did anyone see Would I lie to You? last night? Such a funny show. the host, Rob Brydon, did an atrocious impersonation of one of the team captains; David Mitchel. 'twas still funny though! And Lee Mack (the other team captain) is learning to juggle because his son said, "i wish you could juggle dad."

Peace and love

p.s did anyone else watch that BBC 1 drama, "framed" last night?? I reeeaaaally liked it :)