Wednesday, 13 October 2010


I guess you're right Summer, Interpretive Dance is everywhere :D

*Just watched the 16th miner come up :D awesome.* <----that was from earlier...

I wore loads of make-up today to mask my strange grey hue from being ill O.o
I went upstairs to retrieve my black pen and when I got up there I started listening to the radio, I came down again and sat at the table...and THEN i remembered that my pen was still on my to my crystal ball. YES I have a crystal ball, JAYZ. I don't gaze into's just pretty :P


Gotta admit you're a lil impressed :P
It's really bad but also quite amazing, i've found :D

I so want to be on the duck register!! If they do it by text again i'm SO texting but they did it by twitter and they said that tomorrow they're going to do it on facebook :/ i can't compute in mornings!!

Barbra Streisand.

Ha...Jamie as a bandit :P

Feckity, history on the morrow. NOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo


after tomorrow all i'll have left to do this week is drama...although i do have a practice essay for english over half term. DRAT AND BLAST. <-----coolest phrase EVER

omgosh, word association isn't fun!! Harvey now equals Jesus *and thanks to Louise Jesus has an erection...hang on that's not quite right...she just said somethig dodgey!!!* and whenever i look at Jack I imagine him naked...again, that's Louise's fault.

I can't believe that summation is actually a word. Jack used it in English and it sounds so wrong!! although, google just told me that Summational is also a word :P like that! summational, sounds like it was made up by a five year old.

crap, i told emily that i'd google something and now i can't remember what :s

did some work in IT today...get me...didn't enjoy it.

no test in math :D

24/30 in chemistry class test. meh, i'm alright with that...i need to revise anyways.


what's the first thing that came to mind when i said that?



Barbra Streisand.

I might just start saying that at random intervals throughout the day...or not, it could get weird...

oh yeah, thanks for the message on my answer phone ROBERT ¬_¬ I'd like to take you to a gay bar too. hmmm...
sucks i missed that lesson. sounds like it was fun. how come you were up in B10?
OOOH latin tomorrow. FECK latin h/w for tomorrow..

NEED TO DO HISTORY *think i might just go and have a little cry in the corner right about now...*

Peace and love
p.s i need to stop blogging, it takes so much time and it's so distracting...but then...i'd miss it so much, i love rambling on here...'tis fabby.


  1. ...Could this be the end of rambling, stream-of-consciousness posts?