Saturday, 30 October 2010

Okay, seriously, is this a joke?!?!

People keep asking whether i've lost weight and quite clearly, i have not. i have gained weight. are people just saying this to PISS ME OFF?!?!?! grrrr

man i keep yawning. dang.

I hate walking home in the dark...and since the clocks go back tonight it'll be even darker soon...I always think that i'm going to get attacke or something. You know Rosemary Alley? *where the houses almost touch?* it's really dark and the steps are wet and i was scared that if someone wanted to they could push me down the steps or mug me and then i'd have broken legs and i'd have to call for help...

i'm a cheerful gal, ain't i??

i've barely seen anyone this holiday :( still...return to the land of nod come monday. and DAMN double pe first thing. i'm so lucky, aren't i? i hate pe so much...

hm...i mioght do a spinning class this sunday :) that honestly is a Mahoosive might's from 10am til 11am...and it £5.60...i've done a spinning class once before and i'm not gonna lie...i was completely cream crackered...and i'd have to walk there and back again :s

there's not much else in the way of classes running on a sunday...i could go swimming again...i dunno...i might not do anything...might be bogged down in h/w :/

hmm...i'm gonna stop thinking about exercise and go eat cake xD

Peace and love
p.s i had a bounty and orange juiceon break one and then a monte carlo wrap and rock road and apple juice on my second break.


  1. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

  2. tommy. as much as i appreciate your input. why? dear lord, WHY? :)