Thursday, 30 September 2010

I slept so well last night

i still woke up before my 7.30 alarm, as has become the norm, but i got a great night's sleep and i remembered my dream!! remembering my dream always make me feel good *save from when it's frightful obv.*
I planned on telling everyone about my dream this morning but first thing in the morning i didn't have much of a voice so I didn't. each morning of a cold i vow to conserve my voice and then by lunchtime i'm yelling and singing and laughing my vocal chords into a fathom of PAIN.

my dream :)

I was riding my bike around the little lanes of where i used to live, over crisp Autumn leaves and i was on my bike but not pedalling and not steering, just sorta gliding :P and there were chestnuts on the ground. and then i was on rollerblades. not sure i understand the transition there but that's now, i'm on rollerblades and again i'm just gliding along, feeling the sunshine on my back and the cool wind on my face and hearing the crunch of leaves beneath my wheels. it was brilliant.

of course in reality i can't rollerblade. >:[ i'll learn one day. when i'm forty and have kids to embarass. mwa ha ha.

telling you about my dream reminded me of that video...watched it on the telly about a month ago :P love it! there are so many fabulously quotable lines in that xD

mwa ha ha, in latin, 1st period Robert asked my oracle book something -_-' so then i repeated this and flicked through to get the answer...this is how that went down:
"will robert shove a 100 piece lego set up his arse?" *yes, he actually wanted to know this!*
to which the response was:
"try to live without it."

mwa ha ha aha ha ha

is that not the most perfect reply, EVER?!

omgosh, tommy, air five! robert and jacob couldn't see the bunny. nya nya nya nya nya xD

went to see my work experience project leader to get my contract signed today, went well :) i'm rather looking forward to it :D i felt like such a geek in town *i went to get ange's b'day present after getting the thingy signed* I had my hair tied bakc and my uniform was tidy and i had my lil pink back-pack on. i don't think anyone would have believed me if i'd have told them i was 16...i looked about 12. in fact, when i was 12 i was into gawky make up that made me look weird *dark eyes, dark lips* so i probably looked younger than that today. goody ¬_¬
fecky. got science h/w due tomorrow. GOSH DARN IT. and from the heavens descended an ominous rumble as God, himself, offered his support to Kaytei as she expressed her frustration at the prescence of homework in her life.

ange's birthday tomorrow :P *yay* my big brother's so OOOOOLLLLLLLD xD ok, he's 3 years older than me and emotionally i reckon we're the same age but i LOVE to call him wrinkley and rag on his age. *yes i did just say 'rag' with it.*

Today was a good day :)
The today of this year was marvelous. abby-fabby actually. and when compared to the today of last year, today just seems even better.
You know that old saying,' the darkest hour comes before the light' meaning that to appreciate life's true beauty, you must first experience just how dark its horrors are...or something to that effect. I reckon that's about right :P things always get better. the sun always rises and brings with it the light. the darkest hour always comes before the light. the light.

that's about everything :D
that's all folks! *you know how i say that sometimes? does anyone get that it's a looney tunes reference? xD love it*

Peace and love

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  1. That video is so funny. I've seen that guy before but never really seen him do stand up, but that was really good.

    And his keyboard playing isn't that bad.