Thursday, 28 October 2010

So gutted i didn't mention this yesterday :/

Yesterday was day 300 of our year and so today there are 57 days til CHRISTMAS...yaaaaaaaaayy!

i know, i know, it's never as big or amazing as the hype surrounding it but it's an excuse to listen to cheesey songs, watch cheesey movies and for some reason eat lots of cheese and crackers. and no one's allowed to judge. vair looking forward to that. uh huuuuuuuuuuuh

also...i put a plastic spider in my hair the other day and then really frightened myself when i caught sight of it in the mirrow since i'd forgotten about it...clever.

KVETCH<------real word.

adjective meaning, 'habitually complaining' likey simply cuz it doesn't sound like a real word.

i'm off to get music. i need it for my ear space.

then i need to do shopping *for katie!! it's her birthday 8th November* then i should take a look at the h/w i've been set...then i'll have a cry and ignore it a bit longer...then i'll possibly make a start before finishing my book..

aww, Rose Costelloe has finally ended it with her on again, off again bastard husband Ed and admitted her feelings for Theo Sheen *he's the one* but then they had a row and she told him to fuck right off for ever...and he sort of has...but there are about 50 pages left so my guess is that things will be just fine...

Peace and love

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