Wednesday, 6 October 2010


One new idea,
Ink, needle and too much time,
Quite a big mistake.

Ouch. So, if something hurts the first time, you know it's probably gonna hurt worse the second time. Was it worth it? not sure.

Anyway, how are you?

My mouth tastes like chilli and strawberry jam. hmm.

I went to look at another tab and you have no idea how long i just took to fund this again...maybe i should have read them rather than clicking randomly.

Jamie I read through your updated script and i can't believe you used this word:

Word of the Day for Monday, October 4, 2010

nympholepsy \NIM-fuh-lep-see\, noun:

1. A frenzy of emotion, as for something unattainable.
2. An ecstasy supposed by the ancients to be inspired by nymphs.

so weird. i only got that a couple days ago.


My ankle, it hurts,

I know it's only my fault,

Still, I need to blame.

Ah wells, could be worse and then some. omgosh, george ruined the emily i made in english :( i did it a couple weeks ago and she kept it and then george doodled all over it so she ripped it up :'( sucks.

hope i have choir tomorrow. feel like a good old sing-song, i do ;P

I'm so properly gutted that i can't come to fright night :( i was really looking forward to that. ah wells, maybe another time.

no use crying over spilt milk...although i spill milk all the time at work so i wouldn't cry about it anyway...where the heck am i going with this? hmmm.

I'm...yeah, i dunno xD this post started incoherently and there's no reason to end it any differently, eh?

Peace and love


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  1. Haha. The very reason I used that was because on that very day I was on the Thesaurus website looking for synonyms for the word 'good' and saw that was the word of the day.

    That, however, is just weird. Six Degrees, eh?