Thursday, 30 September 2010

I slept so well last night

i still woke up before my 7.30 alarm, as has become the norm, but i got a great night's sleep and i remembered my dream!! remembering my dream always make me feel good *save from when it's frightful obv.*
I planned on telling everyone about my dream this morning but first thing in the morning i didn't have much of a voice so I didn't. each morning of a cold i vow to conserve my voice and then by lunchtime i'm yelling and singing and laughing my vocal chords into a fathom of PAIN.

my dream :)

I was riding my bike around the little lanes of where i used to live, over crisp Autumn leaves and i was on my bike but not pedalling and not steering, just sorta gliding :P and there were chestnuts on the ground. and then i was on rollerblades. not sure i understand the transition there but that's now, i'm on rollerblades and again i'm just gliding along, feeling the sunshine on my back and the cool wind on my face and hearing the crunch of leaves beneath my wheels. it was brilliant.

of course in reality i can't rollerblade. >:[ i'll learn one day. when i'm forty and have kids to embarass. mwa ha ha.

telling you about my dream reminded me of that video...watched it on the telly about a month ago :P love it! there are so many fabulously quotable lines in that xD

mwa ha ha, in latin, 1st period Robert asked my oracle book something -_-' so then i repeated this and flicked through to get the answer...this is how that went down:
"will robert shove a 100 piece lego set up his arse?" *yes, he actually wanted to know this!*
to which the response was:
"try to live without it."

mwa ha ha aha ha ha

is that not the most perfect reply, EVER?!

omgosh, tommy, air five! robert and jacob couldn't see the bunny. nya nya nya nya nya xD

went to see my work experience project leader to get my contract signed today, went well :) i'm rather looking forward to it :D i felt like such a geek in town *i went to get ange's b'day present after getting the thingy signed* I had my hair tied bakc and my uniform was tidy and i had my lil pink back-pack on. i don't think anyone would have believed me if i'd have told them i was 16...i looked about 12. in fact, when i was 12 i was into gawky make up that made me look weird *dark eyes, dark lips* so i probably looked younger than that today. goody ¬_¬
fecky. got science h/w due tomorrow. GOSH DARN IT. and from the heavens descended an ominous rumble as God, himself, offered his support to Kaytei as she expressed her frustration at the prescence of homework in her life.

ange's birthday tomorrow :P *yay* my big brother's so OOOOOLLLLLLLD xD ok, he's 3 years older than me and emotionally i reckon we're the same age but i LOVE to call him wrinkley and rag on his age. *yes i did just say 'rag' with it.*

Today was a good day :)
The today of this year was marvelous. abby-fabby actually. and when compared to the today of last year, today just seems even better.
You know that old saying,' the darkest hour comes before the light' meaning that to appreciate life's true beauty, you must first experience just how dark its horrors are...or something to that effect. I reckon that's about right :P things always get better. the sun always rises and brings with it the light. the darkest hour always comes before the light. the light.

that's about everything :D
that's all folks! *you know how i say that sometimes? does anyone get that it's a looney tunes reference? xD love it*

Peace and love

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

We watched this in English...

before reading 'Stealing' by Carol Ann Duffy
I really like it.

I think that if i cough anymore i'll throw up.

seeing my work experience person tomorrow.

also need to get ange a present for his birthday, which is on friday.

i should know what to say in certain situations. I mean, i'm fine but I'm just not how i thought i would be and that makes me feel...i don't know. and that's where i'm wrong because i should know how to end that sentence. and i don't i just don't.

as i move my feet towards your body, i can hear this beat, it fills my head and it gets louder and louder. florence is beautiful.

you're a diamond in the rough, a brilliant ball of clay, you could be a work of art if you just go all the way :P

i need a dress for prom...i know it's months away but i don't want to be saying, 'i need a prom dress' the night before prom xD

i love this song

ha, summer, check it: it was made just for the film xD!!

how sexy is fergie getting onto her mototbike?

shut up and watch me walk.

Peace and love

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


sounds like 'dick' in a bad french was the comment verification code i had to do for summer's blog :P


i have a cold, thought i'd share cuz i'm generous...i probably have literally shared it cuz i've been at school for the past couple o' days :D lovely, ain't i?

well, this is my 3rd day as pescaterian *lil bad that i can't spell my new life choice? hmm...well, i mispell my own name every day and it's never upset me before so why start caring now, eh?

i know some people think this is silly but honestly, being able to compare that you of today with the you of one year ago is REALLY cool!! just try it out: (i might have got that link wrong but try it out nonetheless.) you can send them for any day between 90 days and 40 years from when you send it. I'm expecting one next birthday and also one in about 40 years...presuming i'll still have at that time xD i've had it since 2006...i made another one but cbb to use it...has none of my contacts so what's the it sounded stupid...i think it was or summat xD ludicrous.

for our film, can we have a really irrelevant straight man who is intent on spreading important news about important things like climate change and then we'll just shut him up and push him over and beat him with sticks. on numerous occasions. xD

i'm gonna stop complaining about my cold and go have some kinda honey/lemon/ginger drink.
sounds nice enough. i should be up to work on saturday :P i have today and then three more days to get better before saturday. that's plenty of time.
do you reckon i could get off PE if i said that it was simply ridiculous to expect to squeeze two hours of exercise out of me on a monday morning, following a weekend of work? i know i don't work sundays but it sounds good if i say weekend, doesn't it? xD

hmm...i'm gonna go get that drink.

Peace and love
p.s whilst trying to write peace i failed and wrote paeca :/

Monday, 27 September 2010

i don't remember this... you tell him like you always said you would???? how did it all turn out?
well see you

it's another 'future me' email :S i need to write one for next year...
i remember sending one to myself for 40 years from whenever i wrote it...can't remember what it said...

I don't know who that email's about. really annoying. i have an idea but i'm probably wrong :/
anyway, i'm going to email myself...xD

i have a stinking cold. not being able to taste food sucks. my nose feels awful, as does my head :(
hey, it's google's birthday! one day after mine :D it's only 12 though. awww.

omgosh, i've had that new bruno mars song stuck in my head all day. it's a sweet, if a lil cheesey,
kinda song but i hate it when i get song stuck in my head :/

grrr, i HATE halifax...they get no capital letter...bastards. it's been over a week that i've been trying to sort out my accounting
and they're just being incompetent eejits. SO condescending as well. so, feck them i'm gong to Santander. feck halifax. feck
them in the ear. bastards.

i've sneezed so many times today.

argh, mr. selley *again no capital!!* closed the locker rooms so early and i couldn't get my stuff out!!! ARGH!! NARF!!

i swear, the world better prepare for when i'm a billionaire.
i need to get ange's b'day present soon...his birthday's on friday. uh-oh.

uh WHY


i'm off to email myself, oh yes, i'm THAT cool.
Inbetweeners tonight, love it :P

Peace and love
p.s usually when i don't put capitals it's not because i'm being disrespectful it's because i can't be bothered
*which does actually make it better btw* but in the case of halifa and mr. selley i'm being purposefully disrespectful as i
no longer have any respect for either. so nya.
p.p.s try this...and tell me about it when you get it!! :P

Sunday, 26 September 2010

My birthday!!

I sent this to myself in an email time capsule last year...i got it today:

Hey 16 year old Kaytei!!

Happy you kept the way you spell your name the same then? :)
How are you? You went through a bit of crud in October, didn't you?!
but let's not go over that again, eh? what's in the past is in the past.
So...what happened with you and Tommy? are you still not ready for a relationship...
or are you in one? xD
How's about lovely Robbaline xD??
i'm glad you can see how sweet they are now,
i'm happy that you're able to like that they're together!
how are you getting on with your GCSEs?
don't stress too much, they're not the end of the world!
please tell me you didn't do that thing that robert said you would to mr. thompson
....please???!!! xD
are you still living in the teeny house or did all of dad's talk about moving finally amount to
something? it's been...4 years that he's been talking about moving so far...ah wells.
are you still crying over jamie archer being kicked out of x-factor or do you not really care
anymore? gosh, i can hardly think of what to say! Are you having another brilliant day
in town and doing the whole picnic at the castle thing again...that was a great day!

well, happy birthday...see you around kiddo.
p.s^ten for good luck if you still care :P
p.p.s hope you're still doing the whole ONE PERSON RAVE thing...that was a laugh :D

xD I reckon I'm doing alright, ain't i?!?
hmmm...I'll write myself another for next year later. thank you everyone!! This birthday's been great!

Peace and love

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Goodness, i'm tired.

I've worked so hard today but my manager agreed and said that i'd done really well so that makes me feel better :P I've cleared so many tables...i think it might be interesting to count how many i do next week...
got last week's pay slip today! my first ever pay slip!! how weird is that?
man, i'm tired...I've drunk two x apple juice and a peach lipton ice tea *mmmmm* and my mouth is still soooo dry!!

managed to get all the black off my nails :)
sneezey feeling


Jamie, that book is WEIRD*aw man, i was gonna underine that and i can't!! i can't believe there's no option to underline! i can't believe i never noticed before either :/* i'm into the 6th chapter and i still don't know the protagonist's name and i looked over it to see if i'd just missed it but i haven't, they just haven't mentioned it yet! it's an interesting device but i don't get the point of it yet. the fight club that he and Tyler *his best friend* came up with they don't share their names with each other because they leave the real world at the door and when he goes to support groups he uses fake names...maybe it's like that novel 'what's in name?' about finding identity and stuff...because the main character has a fascination with death and how it makes him feel alive...
it's odd but i like it!
man i'm tired.
i have my birthday tomorrow...i feel really unprepared..i mean, i don't really need to be prepared for anything it's just...actually, i don't know really!! i'm looking forward to tomorrow! i love cinema :P it's warm and smells like popcorn and i LOVE the trailers!! i don't care what anyone says xD !! trailers ROCK xD

really tired...glad i can zone out in front of the telly box tonight.

aw man, slept in my sleeping bag under my duvet last night...toasty xD but, it's a mummy sleeping bag and there's not much room for movement so i couldn't left up my knees like i sometimes do...hmmmmmm.
my back's really aching!! leaning over tables isn't fun...but, cleaning them is really satisfying :P

really tired.

i think i've nattered on about pretty much everything now...

oh, hang on! on my first break i had potato wedges *MASSIVE PORTION :O* and on my second break I had a prawn mayo sandwich and then a minty chocolate bar thingy :D

i actually think that 'marginally crap movies' sounds wuite good :P

Peace and love

Friday, 24 September 2010

I'm living in this from now on...

ahahahaha! Hattie got me a sleeping bag for my birthday! I swear I'm never coming out of it, especially since Deborah pointed out that I can unzip it fromt he bottom so i can walk around in it...although it does make me look as though i have a tail...i'm not complaing xD

Hmmm...let's forgot the first few hours! Today was wonderful :P British weather is hideous...simple as that really.

omgosh, everyone wrote me the most beautiful things :) They didn't sign them though! I'm going to plaster my bedroom walls with them...i like the one that says something about me being real and honest xD and the one that says i'm more beautiful then i let myself realise...and one that says almost everything you do is living poetry *what a great line!*
and one that says about my big ol' head xD and one that says something aobut me being butter and glue?! love that. and i love them all...those are just a couple that stuck in my head. aw man, that was so thoughtful :)

we made fire...well, it owuld have been cool if we'd made it but the fire was still awesome even though it was artificial *ie, aided by matches* we made wishes. what's the point of a birthday wish if i'm the only one to get anything? i always make the same wish...just something silly really...seems to be working though.
SUMMMER, i have the rocky road. mwa ha ah a aha hahahahaha xD 'tis goooooooood!! and 'squashist' is going on my wall!! I wonder whether Dk will ever be able to comprehend the extent of the impact that he's had upon us...
thanks for helping with my bread tommy xD hahaha, my mum agrees, youa re ridiculously offence *ahem* xD ...i'm jealous...i mean, i don't wanna be over six foot but i'd love to be a lil taller!
Jamie, I've started reading the weird fight club book. did you read the blurb when you bought it? it's really quite strange...i've just started the second chapter and it's gona back in time...the first chapter is the main guy doing a terrorist plot with his friend Tyler and they're gonna die in ten minutes and the chapter ends with three minutes to in the second chapter it's earlier that year or a couple years ago and the main guy *can't remember his name...or he hasn't said it yet :/* goes to loads of support groups for illnesses that he doesn't have. it's REALLY odd but fabby :D i'm not sure why i was paired with him though...i think my writing's more flowery. ah wells, eh? ahahaha, the telegraph book is full is miserable people who complain about everything. it's brilliant! thank you :D
omgosh, i have work tomorrow and the black varnish has STAINED my nails :/ they look awful!! i might be able to buff them...hmmm...
omgosh, sesame street youtube channel
omgosh, i'm going to get really tubby from all of the food everyone's given me...elin, i'm looking at you! those lil biscuits are divine!! richard, those truffles are so immense xD
i have a giant cookie all to myself :P

I really like that new Kylie song :P It's so catchey! get outta my way!

oooh louise, that locket! SO gorgeous! omgosh, CAZZZZ please tell me my present was from'd be so cool to say, 'china' when people ask,'hey, cool bracelet, where's it from?'
i'm so wearing the bracelet that harvey gave me on sunday...SO pretty! it's from the same place as your blue bag summer...Nica? sooo pretty :P

you could be a work of art if you just go all the way...

oooh, don't grow up too fast! love that! and they gave me bread xD I have more bread than i no what to do with...maybe i can make bread and butter pudding.

FRABJOUS!!! means superb and amazing...what a fabby word! FRABJOUS!

aw man, i only just got my room tidy and now it's gonna be a tip again! i mean, honestly, WHERE am i supposed to put everything that i was given today?! :O
simon gave me two chocolate oranges...dang i'm gonna be fat...and Daniel got me a tin of roses chocolates xD love it!

I will never be able to unsee the things i saw today...daniel, simon, robert, you've scarred me for a good way xD your dancing was HILARIOUS!

hey, you...i think you know what for :) I love you all. honestly, you mean the world to me. You make my days fantastic, every single day of my life. I don't know what i did to deserve you but i'm lucky and blessed to be able to call myself your friend. it's cheesey but i don't know how i'd manage without you and i only wish that i could have found you sooner. thank you, even though that doesn't cover it at all, thank you.

Peace and love

Thursday, 23 September 2010


sorry, it's just we've had crappy old phones for as long as i remember and now we have A NEW PHONE and i'm really happy :D same number btw :P
History, DONE. ha, saying that makes me feel like Gordon Ramsay, you know, apart from the adultery and stuff...
omgosh, louise, i will never be able to look Jack in the eye again and it is YOUR fault and I have gospel at opening evening tonight!! he's gonna be singing in our lil choir and i'm gonna be blushing. you big ol' meanie....i should probably get ready actually...and take these bunny ears off...

what really good, fairly new, funny film is on dvd right now? i wanna get a new dvd on my birthday and watch it with my folks...preferably something i've not seen before...but how would you know all the films i've ever seen? :O

my mum's the best. I've complained about my brownie fail so much today but i was gutted...they were just REALLY gooey...well...some are ok but others were liquid ¬_¬
which is made worse by the fact the lloyd can make brownies...LLOYD!!! and i can't! fecking LLOYD can make them and i can't. grrrrr.
ANYWAY!! my mum's made some for me :) I totally love her. she is the bestest, absolutely the bestest ever. I bet you're all jealous :D
right, seriously should get going...sorry..

OH! but jamie, that's not spontaneity; that's called procrastination, sweetie! 0:)<---me with halo!

Peace and love

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


My dashboard's telling me that I'm not following any blogs. How ridiculous is that?!?! buggery.
i'm gonna have to go on all my faviets blogs and click follow again. forfeckssake

right. and now i'm following everything again. i don't know. >:[
argh, today was a fail, i didn't get anything done :/
everyone, check yer emails...

Peace and love

Monday, 20 September 2010

Lots of boys fondled my pear today...

I don't care about nothing
CRAP!!! that songs been in my head allllll day!
mmm, from today i've gathered that it wouldn't be wise for me and eloise to open a company that manufactures parachutes. hmmm.
oooh, i've also learnt that eloise is very creative when it comes to puns associated with pears.

I'm dreading history...that's about all i have to say but i may right more later because i'm avoiding making a history plan as much as possible...which is immature but this is definitely not fun. i'm not looking forward to thursday...wel, actually i'm going shopping with some friends after school so that'll be good...i'm just referring to how dreadful my essay is going to be. marvelous. i'm so unprepared. friday will be good. saturday will be good. sunday will be vair good.
i need to learn how to carry my mobilein my bra cuz i have no pockets in my work outfit and there isn't a clock outside so i can't see what the time is and last week i missed my first break so i was knackered by 2.45pm when i had my second.

oooh, couple good things i've seen:
The Illusionist-gutted that i was too tired to watch this properly...i was nodding off in parts which makes the film sounds awful but it was actually amazing and beautiful. the lighting was all saturdated and it was really pretty to look at! the plot was clever and i give this film 5*, definitely like to see it again.
Serendipity-very silly rom-com. not the bestest of films if you're gonan be critical but it's a laugh and very watchable. 3* would probs watch again in a couple years...not just because of John Cusack although he is a very handsome gentleman.
Joe Maddison's War-itv1 drama last night...pretty good...wouldn't bother watching again :/
Albert's Memorial-this was on maybe a week ago but it deserves a mention. I really enjoyed this drama from itv and thought David Jason was fantastic in it, but then again he is just fantastic, isn't he? :P gutted when i fell asleep for the last part so i watched it on the itv might still be there so if you get time i recommend this!

last part of bouquet of barbed wire tonight. looking forward to that. it's sooo dark, i mean really horrible but brilliant.
ooh and then the inbetweeners xD

REALLY should make a start on my history plan now...:(

Lots of boys fondled my pear today...

Peace and love
p.s can i have some feedback please? what do you think of me using the last line of the post as the title? good? bad? ugly? :P

Saturday, 18 September 2010

life is good as long as there's Merlin and cheese scones in the world...

Greetings!! I'm part of the machine...uhuh, i've entered the working world and thusfar LOVE IT!! I work longer than i did at marie curie but it's alright! the people i work with are lovely, the customers are polite, the pay is good, the food is GREAT. DANG, best part of working there is the free lunch xD We get anything we want for lunch and it's amazing!! I had a panini with basil, sun-dried tomatoes and mozzerella in it and it was tasty!! i had orange jiuce with it and i love orange juice but this orange juice had pulp in it :( next week i'm gonna have applee juice and i might have a prawn mayo jacket tata :D
AND i didn't break anything. However, considering how long i intend to work there and the fact that i handle crockery all day in that job, chances are that i will eventually smash something into smithereens. ah least i know where the dustpan and brush is kept :D
omgosh, got my continental café blouse today...SO PROUD!! honestly, i felt really important wearing that i was really doing something worth while. which is was :D although, i badly need to moisturise my hands...they've been in and out of cleaning stuff all day :/ and i had handfuls of other people's leftovers to clear...lovely.
OMGOSH!!! people are sooo wasteful! they left whole jacket potatoes and sandwiches and slices of toast and full cups of was ridiculous...the café isn't really pricey but still, i watched literally hundreds of pounds' worth of food just being chucked in the bin today. it's horrible!! When i get food out, i eat EVERYTHING!!! even if i'm stuffed i will eat!! oooh...i wonder if the café does fish and chips...they're amazing...seriously...i LOVE fish and chips from the chippie!
oooh, ange finished at 6 and brought home some scones that the café can't sell tomorrow...they were baked fresh today :D i'm gonna have a cheese scone with merlin. man, i haven't had a cheese scone in soooo long!! me and mum used to make them when i was teeeny...i think it might actually have been before i started school.
hmmm, i still remember my first day at school and today was my first day at work! i feel so grown up xD guffaw.
sooo looking forward to Merlin, i missed it last week! i know some people really don't think much of it but i really like it :) life is good as long as there's merlin and cheese scones in the world...

Peace and love

Friday, 17 September 2010

hello there! the mango chutney leaked over everything...

I just had a lil nap. Feeling better now :]

So, Eloise and I bettered last year's time of 2hrs 40 mins by a whole ten minutes xD 2 1/2 hours. AWESOME!
St. Martha's hill feels like death but slower xD

i was sooooooo tired back at school and it was just me 'n' eloise for a while so we sat on the steps that lead down to the big set of steps that go into the courtyard. Then, seeing as i was SO tired and no one else was around I lied down across the top of the steps. Honestly, when will i ever get another chance to do that? :D

wow, sixteen soon :o scary stuff :)

man, my throat feels sore :/ i always get a cough when i've been exercising. ridiculous. my chest felt really heavy going up some of those hill and seriously...feel the burn? my legs were killing me!!!

i love this quote:
"When we're still holding on to how things were, our arms aren't free to embrace today..."

wish me luck for tomorrow...i'm gonna need it!

Peace and love
p.s i have such a ridiculous crush on michael urie :P he's soooooo cute. look how pretty
he plays marc st. james in ugly betty and the character is very gay...unfortunately for womankind he's just as gay as his character :'( not fair!!!
p.p.s mwa ha ha we beat jack *lil victory* :D SMUG!!!
p.p.p.s i'm a cat fish.
p.p.p.s i neeeeed fooooooooood. muuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm, give me foooooood :O all i've had is a teeny bowl of cereal and my sandwich...the mango chutney leaked over everything...

Thursday, 16 September 2010


i just watched Mr. Weebl's weird badger song...weird...but...someone commented on it, "i think i just lost my virginity" guffaw. either they found the video particularly stimulating or simply felt the need to broadcast their sex life across random pages of the interweb.


walking 10miles tomorrow and then i'm working on saturday. i'm going to be knackered on sunday is all i'm saying. sooo looking forward to starting work :D kind makes work experience redundant though :P i can put official work experience, volunteer work and a real job on my CV...pretty cool, eh?

top hats are cool.

aw man, got barely any lunch time today :/ was helping louise wash up and then had to ok my job with mr. thorpe and mrs. richardson.

oooh, i just drew summat clever...i feel smug. :D haaaaaaaaaaaloooooooooooooooo
i need to buy some more canvases...i really wanna get some acrylics. if i get balck, white, red, yellow and blue i'll be set :P

hey summer, about acrylics, you know you said they dry like really quite quickly? how do you mix the colours? do you still do it in a pallette or do you try 'n' do it on the canvas as you go?


a friend of mine grows his very own brambles

Peace and love

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

I could have sworn I wrote something yesterday...

Curiouser and curiouser.

Jenny reminded me of something FABULOUS today :P Tim Minchin's writing the music for the musical version of Matilda which is coming out either some point next year or cool is that?!?

gosh I'm hungry.

I went to senior choir today, it was really good :D we're doing a song called ecce homo which in latin means something like look, a man or behold, a man and then it goes on to say 'qui est faba' which means 'who is a bean'. It's basically an ode to Mr. Bean but since it's Latin and it's got really complex harmonies 'n' all that lark it sounds divine...well, it ought to really since we're singing it in the cathedral for the carol service.
I know everyone despises it and i complain about it afterwards but i always really look forward to the carol service, it really makes me feel festive!
hmmm...not long til my birthday now :P miaow.

everyone! don't forget to dress up :D i want everyone to look garish and gaudy, failing that just dress a little out of the ordinary. i want to terrorize the good folk of guildford borough :D
i am innocent. seriously.... :D

hmmmmm...I've gotten really into drawing elongated stick people with padding * so that they're not completely stick-like *
sponsored walk soon. yay! aw feck...haven't done history h/w yet and the actual essay's gotta be done real soon. I don't know why i took history. ok, that's harsh...i just hate the testing.
but honestly, i don't know WHY i chose triple science! i don't even like it that much....why?!?! oh dear god, why?!?! lil melodrama for ya theres cuz i'm generous like that :P

ooh can i have some advice? hattie gave me a big ol' badge on my birthday last year and i really like didn't have my age on so i could wear it again this i'm asking:
would it be tacky to wear the same thing two years in a row?
if no, would it be tacky to wear it when it's not actually my birthday? *i'm not talking about the middle of April or something silly i just mean on the party day which is a couple days before!*

hmm...gotta get going.
i'm so hungry.

Ange was working again today :)

oooh, one quick thing before i go: Halifax SUCK!!!! why the feck won't they let me set up a new account those fekcing ignorant bastards. i fecking hate the Halifax, they're all a bunch of bankers!!!
like what i did there? bankers? geddit? you know like *ankers? guffaw.

Peace and love

Monday, 13 September 2010


alrighty...well..the tops one's me on my side because i don't know how to spin out around but check out my DM's!!! xD ooh and look at how shiney they are...i did that!! *smug*
and then the second pic is a little man that i put in my brother's pill pot. Look at him wave xD
it was really hard to stick his little feet down with blue tack xD i did that a couple weeks ago...hahahaha

Peace and love

Monday- a review


I had double PE this morning...which wasn't that

hang on, i'll carry on with that in a sec but first, take a look at what came up when I typed something wrong:
   :D i wish i could show you how happy i am! I'm in that dance and giggle and sing like there's no one around kinda mood which feels blooming marvelous.


Peace and love

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

so, what went down today?

not. a. lot.

you know you roughly forget 80% of evrything you see? well...what about those days when nothing at all really catches your eye? I waste so much time not living life to its fullest. dang, I just wan tto be OUT there doing SOMETHING more productive, more rewarding than watching the teeny arms on my watch face drag themselves around.

having said that, my math book is SO neat. :D I pride myself on its neatness. It looks awesome.
Last year, i sat next to Eloise and she ALWAYS doodled in my book!! She drew me 'crossing the line' and being eaten by a shark. she drew dogs in aeroplanes *mine was better!* and she turned my box and whisker diagram into a cat....that was pretty good actually....:P but now? it's all clean and spaced out and lovely. I got a new pen on sunday and it writes really nicely but i keep smudging it. hmmmmmmmm.

dang, i was so hungry by lunch today that it actually hurt. that SUCKED. however, i'm now so full that i couldn't possibly eat another thing...for another ten minutes anyways :]
I'm feeling far better about my general health...I go to the point before where i couldn't actually tell whether i was hungry or full...not good....

ooh, it's fei-fei's birthday tomorrow :D awesomeness!

Still reading Jane Eyre. When will it end?!!?!

me and eloise are going to do the walk together again this time...we're gonna try and do it faster than last year's time of 2hrs 40 mins...reckon we can do that :) i hope our tutor groups leave at near enough the same time. I don't know what to wear. I Don't think i actually have anythign sensible to wear...certainly not bottoms anyway :/ the crop jeans i wore last yeat have been made into hot pants xD NOT GOOD. and jeans? if it rains that will be bad. very bad. monumentally BAD. hmmmmm. i'll look for some trackies this weekend or summat....
are tracksuit bottoms chavvie? what's the general opinion of this?

omgosh, boys' opinions please:
is it usual for guys to discuss the size of their...ahem...with each other?
because a whole bunch of them were in my math class today. I was most uncomfortable!! the thing is, when you hear something like that you can't just UNknow it!!! DARN IT!!!

omgosh, did you hear abut that priest in America who's going to burn copies of the Qu'ran *sorry if i've spelt that wrong*?!?!? what the hell?!?!?!? what an ignorant prick.

have you also heard that repetitive dances with jerky motions are unattractive whilst varied dancing with hip swivvels and shoulder rolling is attractive? this is for guys to do for girls btw. scientists did a bunch of research into it after studying mating rituals of birds...hmmm. not sure how true this is...or true for me anyway.

ARGH Jane Eyre essay is due in the day after my birthday :/ i'm NOT going to work on my birthday. it has been decided.

Sorry, i had no intention of rambling so much.

Peace and love
p.s i just read through this...cbb to fix spelling but sorry about the incohernecy here...not much makes sense....

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Just a quickie!

Wahey! I just finished my chemistry and math h/w :P

couple good things i've seen recently:
Shallow Grave...SO ODD but very watchable-loved Ewan McGregor in this and Christopher Eccleston plays a really good sociopath!
Transformers...'twas on the telly the other night and i'd never seen it before...wasn't expecting much but i was pleasantly surprised...I actually really enjoyed this. Shia LaBeof was fantastic and Meghan xD
Bouquet of barbed wire...firstlt, AWESOME TITLE!! xD 3 part itv1 drama based on a novel by some bloke...or woman... :/ watched the first part last night; pretty dark but completely enthralling. If you have time to catch up with that episode, i recommend you do and also, watch the rest of the series too! itv1 monday nights 9pm...

and i should have said this already but i forgot:
I finished listening to my iPod! now all i haev to do is add some new music :D

right, i'm off for my deeeeeeeenaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

Peace and love

Monday, 6 September 2010

looking back

I was just having a wuick read over some really old posts from about a year ago...i do that from time to time:P
do you know what I found? things honestly do get better. I'm hap[pier now than I think i ever have been *not this one day i just mean in general*
things are going well :)
i'm coping with exams, i have amazing friends and my family rock!

Peace and love

aytei :)

so I'm doing this via email as it's quicker but i'd just like to update y'all on the examination-ation-ation-ation thangs dat i wuz worrying bouts...

I did well :) I don't need to do any retakes *tg!* well...asides from the first biology one I did...but that was ages ago so it doesn't count!!

Ange sent the money for my boots! they ahould be here by next week.

PE wasn't death today...SO tired 3rd and 4th but PE itself was actually ok :D i had rowing *so now my hands hurt* and then basketball *i SUCK at shooting...and dribbling :/*

anyways...gotta get going

Peace and love

kaytei :)

Sunday, 5 September 2010

i fecking hate my fecking printer

It keeps uninstalling itself and it WON'T PRINT!!! arrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhh
I'm gonna go sit in the corner and have a little cry!
hmm...i'm hungry...went job hunting again today...wore flat shoes. i'm sorry but heels maybe be gorgeous but they are feck-painful.

oooh, i won my bid on ebay!! i was an ebay-virgin 'n' all xD it's always good to win..

Hello World,
God created everyone equal....
and then he made me:


3 WEEKS TIL MY BIRTHDAY O_O crap...i need to get some decisions made. Nothing really big's happening but there are a couple lil intricacies that i need to sort out.

FECK this FECKING printer. FECK!!

i hate technology. even this dear blog pisses me off sometimes...does my diary ever cause me bother? no!

asides from when my dad looks over my shoulder when i'm writing in it...grrrrr...or my grandma yoinks it to read through!!!

hey jamie, I feel your pain, I have double PE every monday...i'm hoping that's wrong and i might have RE for one of those weeks though cuz you're not supposed to get two lots of double PE are you? hmmmmm.
C1221 :D



Peace and love

Saturday, 4 September 2010

My feet hurt from job-hunting in high-heels :/


sorry, that was the word thing i needed for jamie's blog and it sounded like For Real...ha:P

right...i'm off...this was REALLY short. how does paypal work? :o
i'm doing a shift at marie curie today :)!

Peace and love

Friday, 3 September 2010

Year 11

How did that happen?!?!

Okay so today was decent. Glad it's the weekend xD

My room's looking last...STILL NOT FINISHED!! :(

OMGOSH!!! I'm sooooooo pleased and relieved with how i did in the history exams i did before we broke up for Summer!


Miss Edwards is ok...I has her for some core and triple too. I don't mind where I sit but i'm now 1/2 a mile form Summer...that's right...A25 is half a mile across...they did some rennovations over the holiday.


Eloise pushed me down the stairs for saying it was betetr feng shui than red...i don't blame her :D

oooh, it's Friday :D!!

3 weeks 2 days til my birthday! how scary is that?!?!?

might call you later tommy....maybe...i might be busy...idk.... :O

oooh, Mr. Briggs ROCKS!!!

right, ANYWAYS (!)

enjoy the weekend

Peace and love
p.s PloddyStapleFace had a haircut!!! i like it but he looks soooooo much more like Will now!
p.p.s Will B has grown a LOT. i feel shorter than ever.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Tally-ho, Guildford!!

haha summer, now you need to call yours, 'hazaar!' xD *smug*

Town was AWESOME today. I LOVE PEOPLE...contrary to a badge i once wore declaring my hatred of all mankind...hmmm.

Ok, I have to tell everyone this:

I've been looking for one of my cousins on facebook:
Nathan Thomas

But that's about all i know about him and before you're friends with someone on fb you can't see where they're from...or sometimes they just don't say. SO, last night, I messaged about ten and added some Nathan Thomas's *:S* on there. and today i had a bunch of messages going:

lol, i dunno...xD

or something like that

I added one guy who i later saw was from some place in cousin lives in Wales!!

and he's just a lil younger than i am.

There's one boy who looks about my age but doesn't have his birthday up and he lives somewhere in Wales. He's the closest I have so far and he hasn't replied to my lastest message yet :S

my parents have no idea. lol. i haven't said lol in a while. hmmmm.

OMG!! CAZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! I saws yous todays for the first time in over a MONTH! a month is a long time. but there's only 3 left this year which makes them sound littler....Ooh, we've got another christmas to look forward to this year xD I forgot about that!!! ahahahaha

hmm...i just asked mom what Nathan looks like...apparently he has curly hair. crap. that one guy who seemed likely? straight blonde hair..maybe he straightened it? it was died blonde as well...hmmmm. I DON'T KNOW!!! xD

Peace and love

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I'm The Great Pretender

We're all so lost but what's the hurry to find the right way just yet anyway?

did you know that if you drive a car you're probably gonna spend something like 6 months stuck at traffic lights over the course of your lifetime? wow. that sucks.

I think I'll tidy my room this afternoon. if i don't do it today i know i won't be able to get it tody in term time and although it's only my fault, i hate so much the state it is in right now.

gosh i am tired

Ugly Betty's on the telly tonight. This series isn't as good as the last 2 but it's still alright...I just want Betty and Matt to hurry up and get together already, everybosy can see that they belong together and now it's just getting a little dull, you know? hmmmmmmm

I'm still obsessed with the song, 'no one's gonig to love you'
so good.

Wow. things were tense at m house this morning...don't even know why :( everyone was just feelings moody. everyone gets those days but when all your family has it on the same day? not fun.

i did anything to make you smile

^^ told you i'm still obsessed!


omgosh, tommy!! you know i told you about those pink hiking boots?!! I dreampt that I'd orderd them and they arrived and they were fecking tiny!!! they were like toddler size or something :/

Peace and love