Monday, 1 November 2010

Just because my dick's detachable...

yeah, i don't really have a lot to say :/ school's already grinding me what with revision, h/w and upcoming exams...
grinding...that reminds me...there are auditions being held for dancers for the lion's den at that club in town if anyone's interested...xD
if daniel, simon and rob did that it would make my year.
is that saying something?

sorry, i'm just in one of those moods...tired and dizzy and wondering why i bothered getting up today. meh. i'm fine.

loola...GCS's new motto,' yeah? FIGHT ME.' George Proudman, you legend...xD

i am a fish
i am a hot gay fish

we did hip-hop aerobics in pe without audio...and i getting the face...with a rowing machine...only lightly and i don't think there's a mark now but i was a bit pink for a while :s

my hair is just a fail-there are times like now when *for reals* all i wanna do is shave it off..but then i know that i'd regret it :/ my head would get really cold...

i could wear a hat i suppose...

i think i'm watching that telly programme with steve coogan and rob brydon tonight. i would marry rob brydon in a second if he asked me. :P

i want a sheep hat...

there's no music on my iPod that i want to listen too....
there's nothing nothing.
was something i could say?

Peace and love
p.s i hate the weather

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  1. Yeah, it wasn't the most interesting day for me either. But hey! It'll get more interesting!

    George's 'motto' always makes me laugh. Especially when he says it to people that take it a little seriously...