Monday, 20 February 2012

Disappointed this doesn't have a proper video :s

Heard this on the radio 1 introducing thing last night sometime after midnight and it just kinda struck me...i dunno really, but i quite like it at the moment :)

Rehearsals were long and tiring today....we didn't end up going til 6 as was scheduled but it was still a long day :/ managed to hand in my psychology work and my english lit essay and even get some feedback on my entertaining coursework...i sure am one productive motherhubbard. *smug face*
watched New Girl and an episode of fresh meat when i got in... i deserved it. also made myself a tiny jam mom bought teeny loaves from M&S *so cute* xD had to make another to fill the gap though...

ah wells

Peace and love
p.s I took my vows today...

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