Thursday, 29 March 2012

I feel offended that i should have to prove i'm not a robot....just saying...

I feel like a better person just because i watched that Blake Bliss video Summer :) xx

I wrote an essay on sunday, monday, yesterday and again today....-_-' huuuuuuuuuuuffffff

'School seems to get in the way of life' - something said offhand to mr. bramwells that has actually found itself into my report xD ahahaha
So, I gotta make some coursework edits tonight, wrote a crappy history 5th period and did peer evaluation in englishes...but do you knwo what? none of that matters. i got in from school, had some oreos *rupert, they're only 49p in tesco :D* and some coffee and rewatched the episode of napoleon dynamite that i'd seen this tuesday....toomuchcool

I really like that song although the ending's really lazy...

Also, so much love right now for:

and seriously, self-hatred for liking this one :(


:D okayze, have probably bombarded you with as much cheesey chart stuffs as you can take right now, i promise you arty, abstracty stuff to make it up at some point in the future :D

btw, if you think i'm teemy, i've grown :D 5ft 5" hellz yeah...not my fault if you're freakishly tall...

Peace and love
p.s if you get time give a listen to The Wonder Villains :D

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