Friday, 20 April 2012

Currently installing McAfee

I feel guilty for cheating on Norton.
BUT my 60 day free trial with Norton runs out tomorrow so this is pretty important, I don't want my lovely laptop getting ill *dang I love it so much!!* the webcam and mic are awesome and it's purple and it has intelcore-i 5....and 6gb ram :D *love*
Language revision session was pretty handy today although i was very nearly falling asleep, not boredom at all, i was just completely knackered.
Also, Italian is happening next thursday so I have a week to learn it...lil less scared now :P
mcafee is installed and norton in deleted...dude, i'm a pro at this...totally didn't take me 20 minutes to find the product key or anything.
thou shalt not drink from the waterbottle of thine friend. :(
I want to BE Dira Von Teese
that is all.
Peace and love

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