Monday, 28 May 2012

I just bought new suncream...

And the sun's gone and disappeared :O

where is the justice?


Ok, i have mind mapped Stress and Social Influence but i have to do Abnormality today AND I'M TIRED. gargh.

Surprised adam yesterday, decided to go and visit, we did some revision, watched Futurama and Shaun of the dead :P had a bbq  and chilled out :)  I left mine at 20 past 9 and got there and twenty to ten :) pretty good eh? it's the same amount of time as the bus because the bus goes all around everywhere which is really annoying... i asked him to cycle home with me because i didn't wanna go alone. i was only really kidding but he said yes! :) It was a lovely evening for a cycle as well because it was warm but kinda cool with the sun's head lolling to sleep over the trees. good day.

Watched Desperate housewives last night when i got home :) can't believe it's the last season EVER.

anyways, i might watch a lil tv or summat then begin revising, adios amigos *btw, there's a spannish guy at the café now and his name is José...coolest. name. ever.*

Have a great day, One exam left!!!

Peace and love

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