Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Easter...sorta

Bit late but it's still the Easter Bank there :)

Had an easter egg hunt yesterday with adam and his family cus WE'RE JUST WAY TOO FREAKING AWESOME.

deal with.

neglecting revision faw teh wyn

where was my fault in loving you with my whole heart? <3

sometimes i miss where i used to be, but holding onto a past that never really existed isn't the wisest idea...and honestly, this could be better than that ever really was...thoughts.jpg
rubbing eyeliner off the sofa so that mom won't stop me sleeping on the sofa...falling asleep in front of the telly is one of my favourite things...ange has a collection of photos of me from christmas where i've fallen asleep in my sofa spot every night :D always curled up and tiny and painfully ungraceful....:D

I'm in love:

i really wanna get that album...she's incredible and she's 15!!

my hair is soggy and smells of various fruits...there's no way it'll still be black for school though :/ i've only washed it 3 times and most of the colour's gone, it's sposed to last 24 washes...ah wells, i looked kickass for steel panther and that's what counts :D

had a cream egg for

Peace and love

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