Thursday, 2 August 2012


We took a drive over away from Holyhead to Aberfraw in Anglsey. It's a long, long stretch of white sand curving around acres of dunes. We wandered across there for a couple of hours before our picnic and then drove to the next village, Rhosneigr *not sure if that's actually spelt right :s*. This was more of a touristy spot of beach but it was quite stunning :) I've done so much walking recently but a whole lot of eating as well to compensate.

The weather was quite ncie today but the shoreline's always windy so I don't know if I'll be venturing into the sea any time soon :s If the sun beats down tomorrow we may head over to Bae Trearddur again for a proper lil trip. Whatever we end up doing, I am going into town because I still have yet to do that and we only have a couple more days now :(

I thought that I'd have plenty of time to read and mabe do some homework but we've been out all day everyday. It's really been non-stop :D

I love falling asleep on the phone.

Peace and love

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