Monday, 6 February 2012

Why is today STILL happening??

So my driving license application got messed up so i have to run around and try to fix everything tomorrow. GREAT. and i have Guys and Dolls after school tomorrow and wednesday. and i have to write a history essay tonight.

i just wanna go to sleep... :(

In other news, I won the bid on a jacket on ebay :) hopefully it'll look nice on...i wanna team it with boho dresses and summery lovely things (can you tell i'm tired of winter?) Yeah, i really hope it won't be massively disappointing and shite.

In yet more news, i did well on my psychology mock :) thought i'd majorly fecked it up so that was a relief...even though i still only got 3/12 on the big question. hmmm.

Okay, i'm gonna go have food now, speak soon

Peace and love

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