Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Woop woop

I've finally managed to get this right:

Dear Miss Katherine Thomas Thank you very much for contacting us to book an appointment. We can confirm the details as: GUILDFORD, UNITED REFORMED CHURCH HALL 83 PORTSMOUTH ROAD, GUILDFORD, SURREY. GU2 4BS 20 July 2012 10:50

ahahaha :D

i booked plenty in advance to make sure there were places and selected 'any time' and now i'm gonna be giving blood in a couple months' time. tis cool, i have plenty to go around :D they're gonna have to measure and weigh me and stuff...GARGH xD make sure i have enough blood...i'm pretty sure i'm fine.
definitely dragging adam along to keep me distracted though xD then i'll keep the blood-donation-member card in my purse...that's the only reason i'm doing....another card to fill up my purse aha :)

Looking forward to tomorrow :)

Peace and love

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