Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Last exam today

Pretty nervous.

I have revised loads but i still don't feel prepared :/ I think I'll just be really glad when it's all done with tbh :P

remind me to take a couple pain killers before i come to school, my tummy's giving me hell :'(

Sun Cream arrived today :D it smells like aftershave...guess that's what you get for buying men's suncream aha xD uhuh, gender specific UV protection...who'd have thunk it?

How do i keep being distracted by Facebook....grrr

So, 4 hours exactly til psychology, I've done an hour more revision today, may do some more in a bit but right now i just feel like being a lazy ho :D smugness.

Bought hair mousse yesterday, super bargain xD gotta love that. I'm just kinda rambling crap right now, i haven't got a lot to talk about. I'm looking forward to seeing Summer and her awesome purple hair *since i have yet to see it!!!! :O* so that's something good about going in for an exam anyway ;)

Right, i'll stop wasting your time!

Peace and love

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