Sunday, 15 January 2012

Avec mon beau


Chez Adam :P I am currently stealing his electricity and interwebs in order to reach my adoring public via das blog, ja?

French, english and German, I'm one multi-lingual mother hubbard xD

We've been chilling and atcually got some h/w done too, that's right, i can multi task, screw you society!!!
So yeah, today's been a pretty darn good day, i enjoyed cycling here and i do't really wanna leave but i got a good feeling about tonight seeing as my h/ws done and i'm very content. things is, this is actually working, we motivate each other more than we distract each other, we've acualy got work done *smug face*

called tommy this morning :) just a lil chat but it's always good to catch up :P i caught him in the middle of making a bagel :P

gotta get going :)
from a very happy kaytei,
Peace and love
p.s went jogging on friday for 40 minutes, felt awesome!!! :D

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