Tuesday, 24 April 2012


I have written 4 essays in the past 3 days...if i have to write another tomorrow i will cry. i know i have to do one on thursday.... :/ first period :s
anyways, got my one of my history mocks out of the way today, if it's a pile of shite then that's a shame but at least it's done...i mean, obviously i hope it's not but i can't change it now :s
so, i still have lit and italian to do today...:'(

Summer, just listened to that song....maow :( you know, i still have ginger snaps and easter remnants if you fancy a girly dmc sometime? :P

anyways, should probably so all the work i'm always complaining about doing....

ooh, guess what i just realised, next tuesday i'm writing 3 essays in one day and getting my monthly *fuckyoubitch* :D yay for me

Peace and love

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