Friday, 20 July 2012

Gave Blood!! :O

hello all :D feeling a lil faint still :/ i'm not allowed to donate again for a year because i got quite faint this time- they said it was because i'm 'petite'...very nicely phrased :) i feel good that i've done it but yeah...lil ill feeling :s lying down, drinking water and eating plenty. avoiding heavy lifting, walking around and standing too long. That sounds almost like the 'likes/dislikes' of a dating add...
but hey, i got free crisps xD

They're sending me a blood donor card in about 2 weeks so that's when i'll find out what blood type i am :) the two most common are O+ and A+_ so chances are i'll be one of those...but you never know :P

apparently there'll be bruising because they had to adjust my needle and knowing how easily i bruise, it may just look pretty darn horrific...

I got 2 stickers....welljel...:D  *smugface*

Peace and love

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