Friday, 27 January 2012

I think this is the mp3/4 player i wanna get....

LinkThis One!!

I thought that was vital stuffs for sharing :P

I got new knickers, shaving foam, cleansing wipes, shorts and a skirt today :D That's the most i've bought for myself in one go for a while!!

Summer, I got the skirt that i hoisted up under my dress the other day xD and those cute black short shorts :D and i got the primark wipes so i'll tell you how good/bad they are when i get around to trying 'em out :)



It's the weeeeeeekkkkkkeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnndddddd
and i have work tomorrow... feck. actually, it'll be ok, i'll just sneak hot chocolates whilst i'm working again...heheheh

Peace and love
p.s at least it's not raining!

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