Sunday, 15 July 2012

I swear..

self diagnosis things online always just tell me I'm dying :(
it's kinda mean frankly, i'd never say that to them...

bought some medicines yesterday...I have a weird spray for my throat with a nozzle that actually goes right down my throat and a syrup which tastes like sweet nail varnish remover :[ it's foul.

'life is far too short to be ill.' tell that to my fucking throat. i get coughing fits that keep me up all night and make me wheezy and i take medicine which makes me drowsey.

i don't actually know how i made it through work yesterday.
it's looking less and less likelyt hat i'll be better for tuesday though...don't think i'll be able to do house sports :/ i was almost looking forward to it as well.

you always break the kindest hearts

I'm watching ryan gosling...he helps make me feel better :) blue valentine still makes me cry.

Peace and love

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