Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I hate history

:( i feel so alienated from school, i just can't get on with it right now at all :s i'm not progressing with mr. bond at all, i just get the same freaking mark every single time i write an essay for him and it's no good, i do everything he tells me to do and my mark stays the same. and he says it's a good essay so how the fuck am i losing 1/3 of the marks...i just feel crap. sorry. i'm more annoyed about not improving than the actual mark itself because i convince myself that i've done a good job and that maybe this time it'll be better but it's just as shite as ever.
i'm so tired...physically but also just in general really...i just need a break from every little nothing. friday, saturday and sunday were feck-awesom and this week has just been the biggest crash ever.
i have an essay for lit tomorrow...urgh...i don't wanna....

i'm in a really dumb miserable mood, ignore me, please, i'm spouting utter rubbish to use emotion-focused coping strategy: venting. it makes me feel momentarily better but considering what i have to do i still feel a bit crap and should proabably do something useful at some point in the near future...

Peace and love

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