Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Say Hello...

Like the make over?

Well tough because i do so it's staying :D I think they're sequins but it looks sorta like streetlights shining through rain on a wind screen when you're stuck in a traffic jamb at night...not to be overly specific or anything :P

I was dressed in Zumba-attire today although it wasn't on...i'm not complaining, i got to wear trackies 'n' trainers and then spent 5th chatting with peoples, vair productive :)

i've done some psychology today and i'll get on with my history essay soon :( i've put it off until the last minute, it can be avoided no longer...

Adam came round this morning and he was really early too...i really appreciate that :P we chatted and napped and it was a lovely lazy start to the day...reminded me of this song:

cheesey, i know...but i love it

well, roll on real return to school tomorrow when i have more than one lesson xD

Peace and love
p.s a while aog i asked for idea for a new sign out but i never got any suggestions and now it's been too long to change it...ah wells.

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