Thursday, 24 May 2012

Yo dawg, heard you like sunshine :)

Had a lie-in til ten...although i was awoken by a fly buzzing over my head :/
Made myself scrambled egg on toast for breakfast and then headed off to school for a revision session for psychology; it was pretty good, we went over a past paper together and that was pretty reassuring if nothing else because i got the majority of it which was nice :) Apparently anyone with a phone in their bag in the gym yesterday is being reviewed as they may have to have their papers cancelled which is pretty scary but tbh, everyone knows not to have their phone in there. even though they weren't in their pockets or anything, the main thing that everyone drones on about in the exam period is NOT to have your phone in there.  Hopefully nothing too serious will come of it because really it's just an accident but anyways; there's an update :)
Then I wandered back, lazy in the sunshine dressed very blue-ly *shoes, dress and belt all blue...hmmm* hopefully with a grey bag and brown sunnies i didn't look too uniform, eh? had some lunch and now i'm here :) I plan on catching up with some russel howard, having a wander in town and doing a spot more revision. I love days like this where I can organise my own time and it isn't manipulated by school, deadlines or bad weather....freedom.


Peace and love

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