Wednesday, 1 August 2012

I have so much time to think...

...and reflect upon life and life's little matters :)

I can't believe how quiet it is here...I see maybe 20 people in a day out and about.
Apart from today, we went across to Bangor and that's about the biggest city here in Anglesy so there were LOTS around :D good to see peoples again...I like the peace but being accustomed to town as I am, it's nice to have real human contact :P Also, after trudging through mud/sand/puddles/rocks it's really good to get into shops, all clean and bright and nice-smelling :P I finally bought new cocoa butter body butter and bb cream from a lil boutique here in Holyhead. Today I bought an LBD *for a fashion outsider, that's a lil black dress :)* I tried it on and when i took it to the til, the shop assisstant told me I looked fab in it :P so sweet.

I think it's safe to write on here *because he know longer reads it* that this dress is bought with Adam's birthday in mind, it'll be the first time in 2 weeks that I'll be seeing him so that's a double celebration :D

I've already got him a couple of presents but I intend to order a couple lil extra things this friday when I get paid...and I worked Thursday as well as Saturday so I'll have a nice lil extra bit. always good :P wahey.

I'm gonna end up walkign there on Friday...if I take my bike I'll have to take it to work the next day which'd be awkwards :/

Peace and love

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