Monday, 2 January 2012

Welcome 2012!!

Okay so pretentious resolution here i come:

Make things happen.

I know it's vague, deliberately so...but i figured that i have 363 days left in which i can work on stopping waiting and starting making things happen instead. there's one thing i really want this year but i can't say because i don't want to jinx it. I'll tell you if it happens!!
I know if it's worth being a resolution maybe i should be doing it already but sometimes it's hard to get motivated and this is a nice excuse so don't be too cynical, eh? :P
Also, this year I'll be 18 *christ that's scary...i barely feel out of primary*
Oh and also the rapture's might wanna pick up a brolly, gonna be stormy! :P
In closer 2012 news, we're all back at school come wednesday and i've still got lots of work to's my own fault but really, i think it's worth it. Last holiday I felt knackered and shite when i got back to school because i was busy busy every day but this time round i've rested and taken some me time. I did another painting! I got an easel for christmas and set it up on boxing day! I hadn't a clue what I was going to paint but i had a blank canvas and remembered Rolf Harris saying to kill the white with colour, just get rid of all the blankness and work from there :P I'm actually really pleased with it :)

btw, have you ever thought of the honesty of a sneeze? most of the time people are in one way or another hiding parts of themselves but you can't really control a can't hid that. it's just this explosion of a kind of child-like'd never believe something so beautifully fragile could be found in a sneeze.

or maybe you think that's BS but whatever...

hmmm, looks like I just made a plan, see, i'm making things happen already! *smug face*

Peace and love

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