Thursday, 23 September 2010


sorry, it's just we've had crappy old phones for as long as i remember and now we have A NEW PHONE and i'm really happy :D same number btw :P
History, DONE. ha, saying that makes me feel like Gordon Ramsay, you know, apart from the adultery and stuff...
omgosh, louise, i will never be able to look Jack in the eye again and it is YOUR fault and I have gospel at opening evening tonight!! he's gonna be singing in our lil choir and i'm gonna be blushing. you big ol' meanie....i should probably get ready actually...and take these bunny ears off...

what really good, fairly new, funny film is on dvd right now? i wanna get a new dvd on my birthday and watch it with my folks...preferably something i've not seen before...but how would you know all the films i've ever seen? :O

my mum's the best. I've complained about my brownie fail so much today but i was gutted...they were just REALLY gooey...well...some are ok but others were liquid ¬_¬
which is made worse by the fact the lloyd can make brownies...LLOYD!!! and i can't! fecking LLOYD can make them and i can't. grrrrr.
ANYWAY!! my mum's made some for me :) I totally love her. she is the bestest, absolutely the bestest ever. I bet you're all jealous :D
right, seriously should get going...sorry..

OH! but jamie, that's not spontaneity; that's called procrastination, sweetie! 0:)<---me with halo!

Peace and love


  1. Okay, I admit that I did have to look up the word procrastination. In my defense, I haven't ever heard the word ever used in any situation ever. So well done for teaching me a brand new word!

  2. wahey! i feel really clever now :D i love that you used 'ever' three times in one setence :]