Monday, 20 September 2010

Lots of boys fondled my pear today...

I don't care about nothing
CRAP!!! that songs been in my head allllll day!
mmm, from today i've gathered that it wouldn't be wise for me and eloise to open a company that manufactures parachutes. hmmm.
oooh, i've also learnt that eloise is very creative when it comes to puns associated with pears.

I'm dreading history...that's about all i have to say but i may right more later because i'm avoiding making a history plan as much as possible...which is immature but this is definitely not fun. i'm not looking forward to thursday...wel, actually i'm going shopping with some friends after school so that'll be good...i'm just referring to how dreadful my essay is going to be. marvelous. i'm so unprepared. friday will be good. saturday will be good. sunday will be vair good.
i need to learn how to carry my mobilein my bra cuz i have no pockets in my work outfit and there isn't a clock outside so i can't see what the time is and last week i missed my first break so i was knackered by 2.45pm when i had my second.

oooh, couple good things i've seen:
The Illusionist-gutted that i was too tired to watch this properly...i was nodding off in parts which makes the film sounds awful but it was actually amazing and beautiful. the lighting was all saturdated and it was really pretty to look at! the plot was clever and i give this film 5*, definitely like to see it again.
Serendipity-very silly rom-com. not the bestest of films if you're gonan be critical but it's a laugh and very watchable. 3* would probs watch again in a couple years...not just because of John Cusack although he is a very handsome gentleman.
Joe Maddison's War-itv1 drama last night...pretty good...wouldn't bother watching again :/
Albert's Memorial-this was on maybe a week ago but it deserves a mention. I really enjoyed this drama from itv and thought David Jason was fantastic in it, but then again he is just fantastic, isn't he? :P gutted when i fell asleep for the last part so i watched it on the itv might still be there so if you get time i recommend this!

last part of bouquet of barbed wire tonight. looking forward to that. it's sooo dark, i mean really horrible but brilliant.
ooh and then the inbetweeners xD

REALLY should make a start on my history plan now...:(

Lots of boys fondled my pear today...

Peace and love
p.s can i have some feedback please? what do you think of me using the last line of the post as the title? good? bad? ugly? :P

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  1. I really don't know how the plan's meant to be written, I've sort of done mine in bullet points because I don't want to include too much.

    Hmm... at least this bit will be over this week, and I don't have to worry about researching this stuff again.