Friday, 17 September 2010

hello there! the mango chutney leaked over everything...

I just had a lil nap. Feeling better now :]

So, Eloise and I bettered last year's time of 2hrs 40 mins by a whole ten minutes xD 2 1/2 hours. AWESOME!
St. Martha's hill feels like death but slower xD

i was sooooooo tired back at school and it was just me 'n' eloise for a while so we sat on the steps that lead down to the big set of steps that go into the courtyard. Then, seeing as i was SO tired and no one else was around I lied down across the top of the steps. Honestly, when will i ever get another chance to do that? :D

wow, sixteen soon :o scary stuff :)

man, my throat feels sore :/ i always get a cough when i've been exercising. ridiculous. my chest felt really heavy going up some of those hill and seriously...feel the burn? my legs were killing me!!!

i love this quote:
"When we're still holding on to how things were, our arms aren't free to embrace today..."

wish me luck for tomorrow...i'm gonna need it!

Peace and love
p.s i have such a ridiculous crush on michael urie :P he's soooooo cute. look how pretty
he plays marc st. james in ugly betty and the character is very gay...unfortunately for womankind he's just as gay as his character :'( not fair!!!
p.p.s mwa ha ha we beat jack *lil victory* :D SMUG!!!
p.p.p.s i'm a cat fish.
p.p.p.s i neeeeed fooooooooood. muuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm, give me foooooood :O all i've had is a teeny bowl of cereal and my sandwich...the mango chutney leaked over everything...


  1. when we passed Jack on the way down I called him a wanker. It was a bit loud though, and there were a load of posh businessmen around... Not a great idea.

  2. oops :/
    i thought you and jack got on? you seemed friendly enough in english last year. i think he's alright really :D
    ANYWAYS! my saturday's been awesome, how was yours? :D