Friday, 3 September 2010

Year 11

How did that happen?!?!

Okay so today was decent. Glad it's the weekend xD

My room's looking last...STILL NOT FINISHED!! :(

OMGOSH!!! I'm sooooooo pleased and relieved with how i did in the history exams i did before we broke up for Summer!


Miss Edwards is ok...I has her for some core and triple too. I don't mind where I sit but i'm now 1/2 a mile form Summer...that's right...A25 is half a mile across...they did some rennovations over the holiday.


Eloise pushed me down the stairs for saying it was betetr feng shui than red...i don't blame her :D

oooh, it's Friday :D!!

3 weeks 2 days til my birthday! how scary is that?!?!?

might call you later tommy....maybe...i might be busy...idk.... :O

oooh, Mr. Briggs ROCKS!!!

right, ANYWAYS (!)

enjoy the weekend

Peace and love
p.s PloddyStapleFace had a haircut!!! i like it but he looks soooooo much more like Will now!
p.p.s Will B has grown a LOT. i feel shorter than ever.

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  1. PloddyStapleFace is an awesome name.

    And Mr. Briggs is good. He must be the most normal tutor we've had so far (well, I can't remember much about Miss Poroku). I'm pretty sure he won't leave us and will break the tragic cycle. The more I look at it, the more the tutor leaving thing is like the teachers that keep on dying/resigning in Harry Potter...