Friday, 24 September 2010

I'm living in this from now on...

ahahahaha! Hattie got me a sleeping bag for my birthday! I swear I'm never coming out of it, especially since Deborah pointed out that I can unzip it fromt he bottom so i can walk around in it...although it does make me look as though i have a tail...i'm not complaing xD

Hmmm...let's forgot the first few hours! Today was wonderful :P British weather is hideous...simple as that really.

omgosh, everyone wrote me the most beautiful things :) They didn't sign them though! I'm going to plaster my bedroom walls with them...i like the one that says something about me being real and honest xD and the one that says i'm more beautiful then i let myself realise...and one that says almost everything you do is living poetry *what a great line!*
and one that says about my big ol' head xD and one that says something aobut me being butter and glue?! love that. and i love them all...those are just a couple that stuck in my head. aw man, that was so thoughtful :)

we made fire...well, it owuld have been cool if we'd made it but the fire was still awesome even though it was artificial *ie, aided by matches* we made wishes. what's the point of a birthday wish if i'm the only one to get anything? i always make the same wish...just something silly really...seems to be working though.
SUMMMER, i have the rocky road. mwa ha ah a aha hahahahaha xD 'tis goooooooood!! and 'squashist' is going on my wall!! I wonder whether Dk will ever be able to comprehend the extent of the impact that he's had upon us...
thanks for helping with my bread tommy xD hahaha, my mum agrees, youa re ridiculously offence *ahem* xD ...i'm jealous...i mean, i don't wanna be over six foot but i'd love to be a lil taller!
Jamie, I've started reading the weird fight club book. did you read the blurb when you bought it? it's really quite strange...i've just started the second chapter and it's gona back in time...the first chapter is the main guy doing a terrorist plot with his friend Tyler and they're gonna die in ten minutes and the chapter ends with three minutes to in the second chapter it's earlier that year or a couple years ago and the main guy *can't remember his name...or he hasn't said it yet :/* goes to loads of support groups for illnesses that he doesn't have. it's REALLY odd but fabby :D i'm not sure why i was paired with him though...i think my writing's more flowery. ah wells, eh? ahahaha, the telegraph book is full is miserable people who complain about everything. it's brilliant! thank you :D
omgosh, i have work tomorrow and the black varnish has STAINED my nails :/ they look awful!! i might be able to buff them...hmmm...
omgosh, sesame street youtube channel
omgosh, i'm going to get really tubby from all of the food everyone's given me...elin, i'm looking at you! those lil biscuits are divine!! richard, those truffles are so immense xD
i have a giant cookie all to myself :P

I really like that new Kylie song :P It's so catchey! get outta my way!

oooh louise, that locket! SO gorgeous! omgosh, CAZZZZ please tell me my present was from'd be so cool to say, 'china' when people ask,'hey, cool bracelet, where's it from?'
i'm so wearing the bracelet that harvey gave me on sunday...SO pretty! it's from the same place as your blue bag summer...Nica? sooo pretty :P

you could be a work of art if you just go all the way...

oooh, don't grow up too fast! love that! and they gave me bread xD I have more bread than i no what to do with...maybe i can make bread and butter pudding.

FRABJOUS!!! means superb and amazing...what a fabby word! FRABJOUS!

aw man, i only just got my room tidy and now it's gonna be a tip again! i mean, honestly, WHERE am i supposed to put everything that i was given today?! :O
simon gave me two chocolate oranges...dang i'm gonna be fat...and Daniel got me a tin of roses chocolates xD love it!

I will never be able to unsee the things i saw today...daniel, simon, robert, you've scarred me for a good way xD your dancing was HILARIOUS!

hey, you...i think you know what for :) I love you all. honestly, you mean the world to me. You make my days fantastic, every single day of my life. I don't know what i did to deserve you but i'm lucky and blessed to be able to call myself your friend. it's cheesey but i don't know how i'd manage without you and i only wish that i could have found you sooner. thank you, even though that doesn't cover it at all, thank you.

Peace and love


  1. Richard gave you truffles? I am instantly jealous.

    Anyway, glad you had a good day today and have a good weekend.

  2. nya nya nya nya nya, i got truffles and you didn't :P