Wednesday, 29 September 2010

We watched this in English...

before reading 'Stealing' by Carol Ann Duffy
I really like it.

I think that if i cough anymore i'll throw up.

seeing my work experience person tomorrow.

also need to get ange a present for his birthday, which is on friday.

i should know what to say in certain situations. I mean, i'm fine but I'm just not how i thought i would be and that makes me feel...i don't know. and that's where i'm wrong because i should know how to end that sentence. and i don't i just don't.

as i move my feet towards your body, i can hear this beat, it fills my head and it gets louder and louder. florence is beautiful.

you're a diamond in the rough, a brilliant ball of clay, you could be a work of art if you just go all the way :P

i need a dress for prom...i know it's months away but i don't want to be saying, 'i need a prom dress' the night before prom xD

i love this song

ha, summer, check it: it was made just for the film xD!!

how sexy is fergie getting onto her mototbike?

shut up and watch me walk.

Peace and love


  1. hm? what's the chuckle for? not that you're not allowed to chuckle but i'm confused :s

  2. :D Because they did an actual thing for PIMPS DON'T CRY! Hehe :D

  3. oh right xD you should read the comments on that video, it's all quotes from the movie xD my fave is the rant about tuna vs. lion :P

  4. One of the top quotes is 'Aim for the bushes!'