Sunday, 12 September 2010

"I have boobs and I'm not afraid to use them"

...I slept over at Hattie's with her and Summer last night...
We discovered that we could hire cinema 3D glasses off of our chests...

ahaha, me 'n' Summer are psychic, "I really don't wanna think about it"
That was our response to Hattie saying
"do you realise what you've eaten tonight?"

okay so we had:
lasagne *omgosh, so good!!*
chocolate crispie cakes
pancakes *made at 2.30am*
cookies *we made these at aboutt 3am*
oh and a nectorine which balances out all of the above...:D

we didn't get to sleep until about 5.30am and then we woke up about 7.35!

wow. xD that was all very brilliant.

oooh, I just polished my DM's everyone! They's now all shiney :D I realised i didn't tell you what colour they were...they're a colour called Oxblood which is a deep burgundy brown colour.
i rather like it :D

how proud of myself am i for polishing and lacing up my own boots? Very :) *smug*

wow...i'm starting work on saturday and I can't wait!! It's going to be brilliant :P

ooh, bought jeggings dad is disapproving :/ he doesn't think much of my skin-tight -trying-to-be-jeans-and-failing-shreds-of-lycra
they are very comfy though :D BAMM
very sleepy.
and quite hungry now....

I had some tomato soup at like 3 this afternoon as I couldn't face breakfast or lunch at the appropriate hour since i'd only stopped eating at 5am...:/
anyways, now i'm vair hungrair and I'm looking forward to left over curry with jacket tata for dinner.

so pleased with those DM's xD!! wow...

Peace and love

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