Saturday, 25 September 2010

Goodness, i'm tired.

I've worked so hard today but my manager agreed and said that i'd done really well so that makes me feel better :P I've cleared so many tables...i think it might be interesting to count how many i do next week...
got last week's pay slip today! my first ever pay slip!! how weird is that?
man, i'm tired...I've drunk two x apple juice and a peach lipton ice tea *mmmmm* and my mouth is still soooo dry!!

managed to get all the black off my nails :)
sneezey feeling


Jamie, that book is WEIRD*aw man, i was gonna underine that and i can't!! i can't believe there's no option to underline! i can't believe i never noticed before either :/* i'm into the 6th chapter and i still don't know the protagonist's name and i looked over it to see if i'd just missed it but i haven't, they just haven't mentioned it yet! it's an interesting device but i don't get the point of it yet. the fight club that he and Tyler *his best friend* came up with they don't share their names with each other because they leave the real world at the door and when he goes to support groups he uses fake names...maybe it's like that novel 'what's in name?' about finding identity and stuff...because the main character has a fascination with death and how it makes him feel alive...
it's odd but i like it!
man i'm tired.
i have my birthday tomorrow...i feel really unprepared..i mean, i don't really need to be prepared for anything it's just...actually, i don't know really!! i'm looking forward to tomorrow! i love cinema :P it's warm and smells like popcorn and i LOVE the trailers!! i don't care what anyone says xD !! trailers ROCK xD

really tired...glad i can zone out in front of the telly box tonight.

aw man, slept in my sleeping bag under my duvet last night...toasty xD but, it's a mummy sleeping bag and there's not much room for movement so i couldn't left up my knees like i sometimes do...hmmmmmm.
my back's really aching!! leaning over tables isn't fun...but, cleaning them is really satisfying :P

really tired.

i think i've nattered on about pretty much everything now...

oh, hang on! on my first break i had potato wedges *MASSIVE PORTION :O* and on my second break I had a prawn mayo sandwich and then a minty chocolate bar thingy :D

i actually think that 'marginally crap movies' sounds wuite good :P

Peace and love

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  1. Phew, this is fun! I'm posting the fact it's your birthday literally *everywhere* on cyberspace :P It's awesome!
    ....HAPPY SIXTEENTH BIRTHDAY! ROCK ON! :D Have a good one, Miss Mink!
    Right, where else can I write this...