Thursday, 16 September 2010


i just watched Mr. Weebl's weird badger song...weird...but...someone commented on it, "i think i just lost my virginity" guffaw. either they found the video particularly stimulating or simply felt the need to broadcast their sex life across random pages of the interweb.


walking 10miles tomorrow and then i'm working on saturday. i'm going to be knackered on sunday is all i'm saying. sooo looking forward to starting work :D kind makes work experience redundant though :P i can put official work experience, volunteer work and a real job on my CV...pretty cool, eh?

top hats are cool.

aw man, got barely any lunch time today :/ was helping louise wash up and then had to ok my job with mr. thorpe and mrs. richardson.

oooh, i just drew summat clever...i feel smug. :D haaaaaaaaaaaloooooooooooooooo
i need to buy some more canvases...i really wanna get some acrylics. if i get balck, white, red, yellow and blue i'll be set :P

hey summer, about acrylics, you know you said they dry like really quite quickly? how do you mix the colours? do you still do it in a pallette or do you try 'n' do it on the canvas as you go?


a friend of mine grows his very own brambles

Peace and love

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