Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I'm The Great Pretender

We're all so lost but what's the hurry to find the right way just yet anyway?

did you know that if you drive a car you're probably gonna spend something like 6 months stuck at traffic lights over the course of your lifetime? wow. that sucks.

I think I'll tidy my room this afternoon. if i don't do it today i know i won't be able to get it tody in term time and although it's only my fault, i hate so much the state it is in right now.

gosh i am tired

Ugly Betty's on the telly tonight. This series isn't as good as the last 2 but it's still alright...I just want Betty and Matt to hurry up and get together already, everybosy can see that they belong together and now it's just getting a little dull, you know? hmmmmmmm

I'm still obsessed with the song, 'no one's gonig to love you'
so good.

Wow. things were tense at m house this morning...don't even know why :( everyone was just feelings moody. everyone gets those days but when all your family has it on the same day? not fun.

i did anything to make you smile

^^ told you i'm still obsessed!


omgosh, tommy!! you know i told you about those pink hiking boots?!! I dreampt that I'd orderd them and they arrived and they were fecking tiny!!! they were like toddler size or something :/

Peace and love


  1. :O ...You still want them though, right?

  2. crap...i had another look....they only do the ones i like in lil sizes :/