Sunday, 26 September 2010

My birthday!!

I sent this to myself in an email time capsule last year...i got it today:

Hey 16 year old Kaytei!!

Happy you kept the way you spell your name the same then? :)
How are you? You went through a bit of crud in October, didn't you?!
but let's not go over that again, eh? what's in the past is in the past.
So...what happened with you and Tommy? are you still not ready for a relationship...
or are you in one? xD
How's about lovely Robbaline xD??
i'm glad you can see how sweet they are now,
i'm happy that you're able to like that they're together!
how are you getting on with your GCSEs?
don't stress too much, they're not the end of the world!
please tell me you didn't do that thing that robert said you would to mr. thompson
....please???!!! xD
are you still living in the teeny house or did all of dad's talk about moving finally amount to
something? it's been...4 years that he's been talking about moving so far...ah wells.
are you still crying over jamie archer being kicked out of x-factor or do you not really care
anymore? gosh, i can hardly think of what to say! Are you having another brilliant day
in town and doing the whole picnic at the castle thing again...that was a great day!

well, happy birthday...see you around kiddo.
p.s^ten for good luck if you still care :P
p.p.s hope you're still doing the whole ONE PERSON RAVE thing...that was a laugh :D

xD I reckon I'm doing alright, ain't i?!?
hmmm...I'll write myself another for next year later. thank you everyone!! This birthday's been great!

Peace and love

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  1. Trust you to make a time capsule for yourself. My only hopes for the year are probably to stay well and don't make too many enemies... I wonder how long those will last.

    Anyway, hope you've had a fantastic birthday. Unfortunately it's back to the grind tomorrow.