Saturday, 18 September 2010

life is good as long as there's Merlin and cheese scones in the world...

Greetings!! I'm part of the machine...uhuh, i've entered the working world and thusfar LOVE IT!! I work longer than i did at marie curie but it's alright! the people i work with are lovely, the customers are polite, the pay is good, the food is GREAT. DANG, best part of working there is the free lunch xD We get anything we want for lunch and it's amazing!! I had a panini with basil, sun-dried tomatoes and mozzerella in it and it was tasty!! i had orange jiuce with it and i love orange juice but this orange juice had pulp in it :( next week i'm gonna have applee juice and i might have a prawn mayo jacket tata :D
AND i didn't break anything. However, considering how long i intend to work there and the fact that i handle crockery all day in that job, chances are that i will eventually smash something into smithereens. ah least i know where the dustpan and brush is kept :D
omgosh, got my continental café blouse today...SO PROUD!! honestly, i felt really important wearing that i was really doing something worth while. which is was :D although, i badly need to moisturise my hands...they've been in and out of cleaning stuff all day :/ and i had handfuls of other people's leftovers to clear...lovely.
OMGOSH!!! people are sooo wasteful! they left whole jacket potatoes and sandwiches and slices of toast and full cups of was ridiculous...the café isn't really pricey but still, i watched literally hundreds of pounds' worth of food just being chucked in the bin today. it's horrible!! When i get food out, i eat EVERYTHING!!! even if i'm stuffed i will eat!! oooh...i wonder if the café does fish and chips...they're amazing...seriously...i LOVE fish and chips from the chippie!
oooh, ange finished at 6 and brought home some scones that the café can't sell tomorrow...they were baked fresh today :D i'm gonna have a cheese scone with merlin. man, i haven't had a cheese scone in soooo long!! me and mum used to make them when i was teeeny...i think it might actually have been before i started school.
hmmm, i still remember my first day at school and today was my first day at work! i feel so grown up xD guffaw.
sooo looking forward to Merlin, i missed it last week! i know some people really don't think much of it but i really like it :) life is good as long as there's merlin and cheese scones in the world...

Peace and love


  1. Merlin and cheese scones are pretty unrelated entities but may prove to make a good TV show when put together.