Thursday, 9 September 2010



do you remember a while ago i really vaguely said:
'i won my bid'
well it was on a pair of original VINTAGE Doc Marten boots!!!
well, they arrived today!!

Ange handed them to me when I got in from school and i literally gasped!! they were sent second class and the estimated delivery time was 6-8 days. well, i paid for them on 6th and it's only 9th today!!!
They're perfect, just perfect!! of course, they're old so they need a polish and I out some new laces in them and they already look fantastic and wow, i'm just so pleased :D + they make me look taller xD cuz they have raelly thick soles. btw, the soles are in REALLY good condition, barely any wear at all. the insoles are awesome and i just LOVE them!!

ooh and with them being original ones 'n' all they'd be UBER expensive brand new but i got mine on ebay and they were £20 WITH p&p. i looked on the offical DM site and original ones are like £70 :O I'm SO HAPPY!! and i was worried that they wouldn't fit but they're AMAZING. ah.

AND i have a job interview thang this saturday :P so so so so so hope i get it !

omgosh, tutorial!! i was trying so hard not to laugh!!

LATIN! i got the giggles embarrassingly badly and there are SIX pupils in our class so it was SILENT *which is an ironic thing to shout ahahaha* and so i was trying to stop and that just made it worse so i was shuddering with silent giggles and it was excrutiating !

hey, you know how i was so hungry that it hurt yesterday? *crap* today i could barely eat my took me like 15 minutes which is ridiculous! ludicrous! preposterous! *fabulous words, eh?!*

oooh, i am happy :)
me ------> :D i wish i could show you how happy i am! I'm in that dance and giggle and sing like there's no one around kinda mood which feels blooming marvelous.


Peace and love


  1. Whoah! I just got hit by all the positive energy coming from this post :D I can literally feel you excitement! Nice one, Kaytei! xD

  2. aw, cheers tommy!! i'm still in SUCH a good mood. i don't know what it is but everything's feeling good right now. and get me, i actually volunteered for something in drama. I NEVER do that!! :/
    have the most fabbiest weekend ever darlin'!!