Monday, 27 September 2010

i don't remember this... you tell him like you always said you would???? how did it all turn out?
well see you

it's another 'future me' email :S i need to write one for next year...
i remember sending one to myself for 40 years from whenever i wrote it...can't remember what it said...

I don't know who that email's about. really annoying. i have an idea but i'm probably wrong :/
anyway, i'm going to email myself...xD

i have a stinking cold. not being able to taste food sucks. my nose feels awful, as does my head :(
hey, it's google's birthday! one day after mine :D it's only 12 though. awww.

omgosh, i've had that new bruno mars song stuck in my head all day. it's a sweet, if a lil cheesey,
kinda song but i hate it when i get song stuck in my head :/

grrr, i HATE halifax...they get no capital letter...bastards. it's been over a week that i've been trying to sort out my accounting
and they're just being incompetent eejits. SO condescending as well. so, feck them i'm gong to Santander. feck halifax. feck
them in the ear. bastards.

i've sneezed so many times today.

argh, mr. selley *again no capital!!* closed the locker rooms so early and i couldn't get my stuff out!!! ARGH!! NARF!!

i swear, the world better prepare for when i'm a billionaire.
i need to get ange's b'day present soon...his birthday's on friday. uh-oh.

uh WHY


i'm off to email myself, oh yes, i'm THAT cool.
Inbetweeners tonight, love it :P

Peace and love
p.s usually when i don't put capitals it's not because i'm being disrespectful it's because i can't be bothered
*which does actually make it better btw* but in the case of halifa and mr. selley i'm being purposefully disrespectful as i
no longer have any respect for either. so nya.
p.p.s try this...and tell me about it when you get it!! :P

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