Tuesday, 28 September 2010


sounds like 'dick' in a bad french accent...it was the comment verification code i had to do for summer's blog :P


i have a cold, thought i'd share cuz i'm generous...i probably have literally shared it cuz i've been at school for the past couple o' days :D lovely, ain't i?

well, this is my 3rd day as pescaterian *lil bad that i can't spell my new life choice? hmm...well, i mispell my own name every day and it's never upset me before so why start caring now, eh?

i know some people think this is silly but honestly, being able to compare that you of today with the you of one year ago is REALLY cool!! just try it out: futureme.org (i might have got that link wrong but try it out nonetheless.) you can send them for any day between 90 days and 40 years from when you send it. I'm expecting one next birthday and also one in about 40 years...presuming i'll still have minky64@hotmail.co.uk at that time xD i've had it since 2006...i made another one but cbb to use it...has none of my contacts so what's the point...plus it sounded stupid...i think it was gorgeousgeek@live.co.uk or summat xD ludicrous.

for our film, can we have a really irrelevant straight man who is intent on spreading important news about important things like climate change and then we'll just shut him up and push him over and beat him with sticks. on numerous occasions. xD

i'm gonna stop complaining about my cold and go have some kinda honey/lemon/ginger drink.
sounds nice enough. i should be up to work on saturday :P i have today and then three more days to get better before saturday. that's plenty of time.
do you reckon i could get off PE if i said that it was simply ridiculous to expect to squeeze two hours of exercise out of me on a monday morning, following a weekend of work? i know i don't work sundays but it sounds good if i say weekend, doesn't it? xD

hmm...i'm gonna go get that drink.

Peace and love
p.s whilst trying to write peace i failed and wrote paeca :/


  1. About the idea, I'm pretty sure it could be fit in, you just need to remind me.

    I've thought of a really ingenious way to fit in Summer's old people story, you will just have to wait and see about that one.

  2. just read the updated script, i'm liking it :P we so need hattie as shiniqu'ua *?!* i can't think of anyone else who would be as perfect.