Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Just a quickie!

Wahey! I just finished my chemistry and math h/w :P

couple good things i've seen recently:
Shallow Grave...SO ODD but very watchable-loved Ewan McGregor in this and Christopher Eccleston plays a really good sociopath!
Transformers...'twas on the telly the other night and i'd never seen it before...wasn't expecting much but i was pleasantly surprised...I actually really enjoyed this. Shia LaBeof was fantastic and Meghan Fox...wow xD
Bouquet of barbed wire...firstlt, AWESOME TITLE!! xD 3 part itv1 drama based on a novel by some bloke...or woman... :/ watched the first part last night; pretty dark but completely enthralling. If you have time to catch up with that episode, i recommend you do and also, watch the rest of the series too! itv1 monday nights 9pm...

and i should have said this already but i forgot:
I finished listening to my iPod! now all i haev to do is add some new music :D

right, i'm off for my deeeeeeeenaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

Peace and love

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