Wednesday, 8 September 2010

so, what went down today?

not. a. lot.

you know you roughly forget 80% of evrything you see? well...what about those days when nothing at all really catches your eye? I waste so much time not living life to its fullest. dang, I just wan tto be OUT there doing SOMETHING more productive, more rewarding than watching the teeny arms on my watch face drag themselves around.

having said that, my math book is SO neat. :D I pride myself on its neatness. It looks awesome.
Last year, i sat next to Eloise and she ALWAYS doodled in my book!! She drew me 'crossing the line' and being eaten by a shark. she drew dogs in aeroplanes *mine was better!* and she turned my box and whisker diagram into a cat....that was pretty good actually....:P but now? it's all clean and spaced out and lovely. I got a new pen on sunday and it writes really nicely but i keep smudging it. hmmmmmmmm.

dang, i was so hungry by lunch today that it actually hurt. that SUCKED. however, i'm now so full that i couldn't possibly eat another thing...for another ten minutes anyways :]
I'm feeling far better about my general health...I go to the point before where i couldn't actually tell whether i was hungry or full...not good....

ooh, it's fei-fei's birthday tomorrow :D awesomeness!

Still reading Jane Eyre. When will it end?!!?!

me and eloise are going to do the walk together again this time...we're gonna try and do it faster than last year's time of 2hrs 40 mins...reckon we can do that :) i hope our tutor groups leave at near enough the same time. I don't know what to wear. I Don't think i actually have anythign sensible to wear...certainly not bottoms anyway :/ the crop jeans i wore last yeat have been made into hot pants xD NOT GOOD. and jeans? if it rains that will be bad. very bad. monumentally BAD. hmmmmm. i'll look for some trackies this weekend or summat....
are tracksuit bottoms chavvie? what's the general opinion of this?

omgosh, boys' opinions please:
is it usual for guys to discuss the size of their...ahem...with each other?
because a whole bunch of them were in my math class today. I was most uncomfortable!! the thing is, when you hear something like that you can't just UNknow it!!! DARN IT!!!

omgosh, did you hear abut that priest in America who's going to burn copies of the Qu'ran *sorry if i've spelt that wrong*?!?!? what the hell?!?!?!? what an ignorant prick.

have you also heard that repetitive dances with jerky motions are unattractive whilst varied dancing with hip swivvels and shoulder rolling is attractive? this is for guys to do for girls btw. scientists did a bunch of research into it after studying mating rituals of birds...hmmm. not sure how true this is...or true for me anyway.

ARGH Jane Eyre essay is due in the day after my birthday :/ i'm NOT going to work on my birthday. it has been decided.

Sorry, i had no intention of rambling so much.

Peace and love
p.s i just read through this...cbb to fix spelling but sorry about the incohernecy here...not much makes sense....


  1. ...For a day where supposedly not much has happened, you've still managed to write a lot.

    I really keep on running out of things to say suddenly on PAS.

    But I'm not much of a rambler, unless I get started on a subject that I feel very passionately about...

  2. yeah...i just ramble for the sake of it! omgosh, how awkward did you feel in tutorial?!? that was the most uncomfortable 20 minutes ever!