Wednesday, 15 September 2010

I could have sworn I wrote something yesterday...

Curiouser and curiouser.

Jenny reminded me of something FABULOUS today :P Tim Minchin's writing the music for the musical version of Matilda which is coming out either some point next year or cool is that?!?

gosh I'm hungry.

I went to senior choir today, it was really good :D we're doing a song called ecce homo which in latin means something like look, a man or behold, a man and then it goes on to say 'qui est faba' which means 'who is a bean'. It's basically an ode to Mr. Bean but since it's Latin and it's got really complex harmonies 'n' all that lark it sounds divine...well, it ought to really since we're singing it in the cathedral for the carol service.
I know everyone despises it and i complain about it afterwards but i always really look forward to the carol service, it really makes me feel festive!
hmmm...not long til my birthday now :P miaow.

everyone! don't forget to dress up :D i want everyone to look garish and gaudy, failing that just dress a little out of the ordinary. i want to terrorize the good folk of guildford borough :D
i am innocent. seriously.... :D

hmmmmm...I've gotten really into drawing elongated stick people with padding * so that they're not completely stick-like *
sponsored walk soon. yay! aw feck...haven't done history h/w yet and the actual essay's gotta be done real soon. I don't know why i took history. ok, that's harsh...i just hate the testing.
but honestly, i don't know WHY i chose triple science! i don't even like it that much....why?!?! oh dear god, why?!?! lil melodrama for ya theres cuz i'm generous like that :P

ooh can i have some advice? hattie gave me a big ol' badge on my birthday last year and i really like didn't have my age on so i could wear it again this i'm asking:
would it be tacky to wear the same thing two years in a row?
if no, would it be tacky to wear it when it's not actually my birthday? *i'm not talking about the middle of April or something silly i just mean on the party day which is a couple days before!*

hmm...gotta get going.
i'm so hungry.

Ange was working again today :)

oooh, one quick thing before i go: Halifax SUCK!!!! why the feck won't they let me set up a new account those fekcing ignorant bastards. i fecking hate the Halifax, they're all a bunch of bankers!!!
like what i did there? bankers? geddit? you know like *ankers? guffaw.

Peace and love

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