Thursday, 1 July 2010

Here you come again,

Looking better than a body has a right to....

xD Dolly Parton ROCK ON!!!

Jamie and Jacob were walking back from Urnfield with a map billowing in the breeze.
I only just found out what zephyr's a gentle breeze...
So when Anthony Kiedis of the red hot chili peppers sings "fly away on my zephyr..." he's on about spreading his wings and just flying away on an uplift.
for ages i thought a zephyr was the same as a zeppelin.

I feel foolish.

Robert and Jacob are going to take me to a gay bar. I fear for my life.
Eloise and I both ate calculator.
can we all it even now?
I got a micro-hug-that-didn't-really-count-as-a-hug-hug from Eloise today :P *ha, i had to rewrite today cuz i wrote toady...*
I love you Eloise!! You leant me your trainers xD You are a life saver!

...actually...i epic failed...
AH WELLS. TG it's over, eh?

oooh, i'm liking MG's idea of having everyone post their coursework up :P I'm fairly sure that it's quite legal...well, i'm hoping's not as though we're letting each other copy, this will be after the final draft and we've been given our grades yeah


SPONGEBOB LIPBALM! It's orange flavour but caz is so right, it should be pineapple!!
"who live's in a pineapple under the sea?

I'm really hoping that tune's in yer heads now xD I'm sweet like that! My right ear hurts.

I smell food...stuffed marrow, mixed veggies 'n' broccoli

ftr, i mean veggies as in vegetables, not vegetarians...i'm hungry but not resorting to cannibalism just yet. No promises about the future though.

I have a real yen for a pan-cake. Yen was my word of the day a few days ago...means "craving or urge"

errrrrrm...i reckon that's about all i have to say for today really...hope all is well with youbles 'n' stuffles

Many hugs!

Peace and love
p.s first post of july!!! and i just saw, i did a post every singel day through june!!! ....i have nothing better to do...


  1. I seriously hope you didn't see Robert and Jacob dancing in front of several school buses.

  2. nah, i missed that...i'm intrigued now though :P