Saturday, 3 July 2010


Excuse me.
I do apologise...i'm just feeling a tidbit ill at the moment, I'm sure that i'll be fine later but I slept over at Hattie's last nigth with her, Evan, Phillippa, Katie and Summer and we really didn't get a lot of sleep, I haven't drunk much and i actually have no idea whether i'm hungry or full from eating too much.
this is what happens when you ignore your body clock in favour of watching silly movies and chatting about randomosity.

We slept in a gazebo *i have no idea how to spell that* in hattie's garden and it was pretty tense for a while when it was raining and we were freaked as to whether or not the telly would go caput. and then there was the slug. urgh. I'm sorry but i'm really no good with slugs :(
We watched The Ugly Truth this morning. Catherine Heigl is so gorgeous xD and Gerard Butler?....;) I prefer it when he just speaks in his ordinary accent though. 'twas the first time i'd seenit and i thought it was pretty darn good although several parts were a little more explicit than i'd thought they'd be.

urgh, i was a right geniius yesterday, i took everything i needed out of my blazer and then left my things with my brother to take home. HOWEVER, my phone looked a little unsafe in my bag so i moved it back to my blazer. and then forgot to get it out again. argh, i hate myself sometimes. Had to nip home and grab it. ah wells.

I'm so thirsty and sleepy and i seriously can't bear the thought of doing my h/w later. i fell like crying.
right, cheer up...eejit.
It's an Irish colloquialism, that still counts!!! grrrrrrr and great, i can't change my font a-fecking-gain. grrrrrr. my tummy feels funny.
know what? i really should get going :S ARRGH why did the font change? i...urgh, cbb *can, however, be bothered to explain that i prefer the phrase can't be bothered to the more commonly accepted term can't be'd probably be best if i said neither, eh?*
Peace and love
p.s *edit....9.29....a poor little gold finch was found on our drive just now :( it was attacked by a cat most probably since everyone in our road seems to own a cat :'( it's horrible. poor little bird.
p.p.s I poked my dad with one of those 3ft long pieces of grass and accidently poked him in the mouth with it. oops.

p.p.p.s i'm feeling so much better now! I napped for an 1 1/2 earlier and then had chicken chow mein for dinner which is always good! so yeah, feeling a bit better. still need to make talitha a birthday card though :S it was today but i'm seeing her tomorrow so yeah...
p.p.p.p.s watched friday night with jonathan ross on iplayer earlier. tim minchin was immense as was expected and robin williams was on and he was sooooo funny. really bad. but soooo funny!
p.p.p.p.p.s just had a walk with my folks to see 127 henley bank :D it's still sunny up there. i so want that house now. saw george and steve on their bikes when we were wandering back :D as per the usual i got the, "who are they? how do you know them? how are old are they?" thing from daddy dearest -_-' ah wells.....
my momma keeps calling me a cradle snatcher but my grandma's older than my grandpa and that works for them. to a certain degree i like to think that age i just a number in relationships, however, it gets a bit weird when one is old enought to have either fathered or mothered the other. yeah, just a bit weird, eh?

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