Tuesday, 20 July 2010

"So, is everyone okay for formal-dress tomorrow?"



ARGH!!! It was only AFTER I'd told Mrs. Doar that I was absolutely fine with dressing well for tomorrow's public speaking thang that I remembered...actually...No, I do not have anything suitable.
I have a blouse and a couple of waistcoats and an actual trouser suit but the only formal skirt is ankle length so I look lke Morticia of The Adams' Family and tomorrow's going to be far too hot for trousers. DANG.

So what did i do?

you mean asides from panic my ASS off *that's right, i used an Americanism, deal with it* xD ??!!??!?!?

I went shopping.

That sounds silly and girly but trust me, finding a skirt to fit MY figure is NOT FECKING EASY!!! I have a skinny waist and a more than generously proportioned posterior *that's just an eloquent way of expressing the size of one's BUM*.

Anyways..I found a skirt...after RUNNING around town getting rather hot and uncomfortable *lovely*
So, I'm wearing that with my white blouse, my mum's *well it's mine now, she gave it to me...it's like 21 years old of something...i love old stuff :P* belt and the waistcoat that Summer gave to me...I was going to wear my black one but it clashed withthe skirt *uhuh...different shades of black...black...-_-'* so it's better to go different completely than clash...besides, this waistcoat is grey/silver speckled and it has black lapels so that works. I'm wearing that with my black heals with the golden buckles.

I really hope that I look grown up and not just a girl playing dress-up in mummy's wardrobe :/

Rehearsal went well, Jamie's speech ROCKED and hopefully I'll be able to deliver tomorrow to an audience of more than...6...or 7...

Anyways, i'm off for cheesecake *love it!*

Peace and love

it. will. happen.

p.p.s Eloise helped me go through what i was going to say for my speechy bit *love her so much!* we built an amazing tower in math...but alas...BOYS SUCK. you know who you are >:{
p.p.p.s Rob still has hairy legs...still true....he still does...


  1. Remember, if you freeze, there are only two words you need to know in the crisis.

    A clue: They both begin with an M and end with Do do do doo.

  2. Don't worry. Your chairing in the rehearsal was fantastic, and if you pull off that amount of control in the actual thing, I don't see how you couldn't win best Chair. :)