Wednesday, 30 June 2010

I ate a calculator today -_-'

Eloise is vengeful.

Thing is, it was her calculator that she shoved into my mouth so joke's on her really xD

So, i did actually get my coursework finished in the end but i didn't feel it. I flet no personal connection to it, which probably sounds silly, but with most things I write I'm sort of protective about changes people may wanna make or whatever and i feel some kinda link to the characters. this just felt like a piece of coursework to me. no heart. no emotion.
Tommy, you're taking your infatuation with the muppets too far.

I'm really not digging on the history h/w

OMGOSH¬!!!!! Tim Minchin will be on friday night with jonathan ross this week xD!!!
Please watch, it will be an epic interview and tim's bound to perform and that will be a a real treat!

^^ that's the first performance i ever watched of his, love it!'re a fish.
"drama rehearsal" dossed about on david's trampoline -_-' yeah it was a laugh but we have to perform next week :/

Peace and love
p.s i fell out of a hammock today. smooth.


  1. That face unfortunately summarises the whole 'You're a fish' thing.

  2. yh real smooth . . .jokes love you really

  3. Uhm... Kaytei... you know how you kind of stole my tie in the pen up at Urnfield? I can't remember, but did you give it back? Just I think I've lost it and trying to retrace my steps xD

  4. yeah, i gave it back...i tied it around your head like rambo and then someone took it off...

  5. That someone was me, but I gave it back to you Tommy. It was on your lap for a while, and I guess you might have stood up and left it behind.

    Sorry about that.